Online Reservations: Just the Tip of the Iceberg for Profitable Hospitality Venues

By Chief Commission Slayer, Shea Irwin
October 24, 2022

While online reservations aren’t new, they’re more powerful than ever in today’s hospitality landscape. More and more diners flock to online channels like Google, where hundreds of thousands of Australians search for restaurants online every month  – with a whopping 70% of them still deciding where they want to dine.

If you’re a venue owner looking to catch your share of these hungry customers, online reservations are essential. You won’t just get seen by the masses… you’ll be able to seal the deal by empowering customers to pick a time, leave their details, and pencil in a meal. 

  • Attract new customers

Be seen in the place customers hang out the most: online. Never miss a reservation because of a missed call or a lost note again.

  • Bring returning diners back through the door

Make booking and dining hassle-free so they come back for another great experience.

  • Better visibility on demand

Predictable = manageable. By knowing ahead of time what your busy days are, you can roster more effectively instead of paying people to stand around.

  • Increased customer satisfaction

A smooth reservation sets the stage for a great dining experience and removes the disappointment of missing out.

  • Take the pressure off your staff

Online reservations work on autopilot, so your team can focus on providing excellent service to customers dining at your venue right now.

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“We chose WOWAPPS for the simple-to-use Bookings engine and the integration between online bookings and our POS system. But we never imagined that the shoutouts and push notifications would have such a huge impact for our business. We see a 25-30% increase in orders on the days we shoutout a daily special”.

Geard Siromani.‧ Owner - Boo's Kitchen, Brisbane

The Harsh Truth About Online Reservations

While online bookings connect with customers to fill more tables, if you’re not careful the extra revenue will come at a significant cost. Sadly, many third-party vendors charge ridiculous commissions for online bookings, fleecing hospitality venues of hard-earned revenue. Plus, these vendors keep customer data from your bookings, then use it for their own marketing purposes (often to recommend competitors to your customers!).

Even if you do find a commission-free online booking system, online reservations alone won’t set you apart from the crowd. In an industry known for razor-thin margins, rising operational costs and cutthroat labour shortages, you need every edge you can get.

One of the best ways to boost revenue in modern hospitality is with a complete digital system that delivers much more than just online reservations… a system that’s designed to improve the dining experience at your venue, lift average order values, and encourage customers to return again and again.

Your all-in-one hospitality toolset to deliver more customers, spending more money, more often. 

Never pay a cent of commission
on online orders, table ordering or bookings, and deliveries!

An All-in-One Solution To Boost Revenue And Bring Customers Back For More

There’s nothing worse than having to pay several different subscriptions just to gain access to a handful of apps that only do one thing each… an online reservations subscription here… a QR-code table ordering service there… why juggle so many balls in the air when you can get a cost-effective, all-in-one solution?

That’s exactly what WOWAPPS is. We’ve helped thousands of hospitality venues run more efficient, profitable venues with our all-in-one digital solution that delivers:

  • Commission-free online reservations (both through Google, your website and social media)
  • Commission-free online orders through the same channels as reservations
  • Control over customer data to run targeted marketing campaigns and turn one-off diners into loyal regulars
  • QR code table ordering to increase average order values with one-click upsells

  • E-gift cards to add another revenue stream to your business
  • Easy integration with Square, Kounta, and other POS systems so you can keep track of all orders in place

Imagine having access to EVERYTHING you need to run a successful venue and bring customers back in droves, all at your fingertips. You won’t have to waste time juggling an ever-growing list of software as you go from one shiny object to the next. 

You’ll have a slick digital machine that has compounding benefits over time as you attract more customers, grow your reputation, and serve more loyal returning diners. 

Want To Get Started? Here’s How…

WOWAPPS is an all-in-one toolset for the modern hospitality business – so it makes sense that we have an all-in-one pricing structure. Unlike our competitors, we pride ourselves on offering access to every feature WITHOUT having to pay hidden fees or sky-high commissions. Plus, we offer an unbeatable money-back guarantee, which promises that you’ll get more customers, ordering more, more often when you switch to WOWAPPS.

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