How Woodfellas Pizzeria is saving over $1,500 a month on Commissions, and taking control of their deliveries


At WOWAPPS, we’re on a mission to hand the reins back to venue owners, making sure they have the tools they need to succeed at modern hospitality. Covering 94% of Australia, WOWAPPS offers online ordering, bookings, table ordering - and just launched is our latest offering: commission-free deliveries. Hospitality is growing, and WOWAPPS is striving to help make that growth as painless as possible. 

Keep reading to learn about Woodfellas Pizzeria, a Brisbane eatery that used WOWAPPS to increase their sales by 25%, and save over $1,500 a month using WOWAPPS Delivery. 

Who is Woodfellas Pizza?

It’s a spot that the local pizza connoisseurs will already know, but for someone new on the scene, all you have to do is follow the aroma of wood-fired pizza down Suscatand Street, leading to a hidden gem in Rocklea, Brisbane. Nestled snugly in the industrial district of Brisbane, Woodfellas offers a rustic backdrop for you to enjoy their pizzas, burgers and kebabs. Whether you’re a pizza newbie, or a seasoned savant, their menu offers something special. Maybe you’ll try the Mediterranean lamb to take you straight to Crete, or the deceptively simple Margherita, if you’re feeling puritanical. Even if pizza isn’t your weakness, you’ll love their light and healthy grilled halloumi kebab.


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The Problem

Woodfellas Pizzeria, like every good pizza eatery, knew that they needed to offer deliveries. But with staff shortages, and the high cost of finding, and keeping staff, they struggled to cover that part of their business. They tried using third party websites to handle their deliveries. But with these companies, they found their orders going cold from drivers being late, or not showing up at all. On top of that, they had to cover the cost of refunds, as well as the exorbitant commission fees that showed up every month. They knew something needed to be done. Something different. 

The Solution 

In comes WOWAPPS Delivery to save the day; a service that enables Woodfellas Pizzeria’s customers to simply order straight from their website or Google Business Page, and then have their orders dropped at their doorsteps by a delivery driver. Kylie and the team at Woodfellas were able to leverage the WOWAPPS mobile app and partnership with the Australian Good Food Guide, to boost their marketing, and engage their customers regularly with new menu items and weekly specials. Their delivery woes were solved, and they were acquiring new customers at the same time.

We increased our delivery orders 25% every single week for the first three months by using WOWAPPS

Kayliegh, Woodfellas Pizzeria

The Results

Woodfellas Pizzeria has taken control of their online ordering, keeping their deliveries efficient, yet cost effective. By turning off their third party delivery apps, they’re saving over $1,500 every month, which means they can focus on other things, like investing that money back into their business. And to top it all off, the WOWAPPS suite of comprehensive marketing tools have meant that the business can grow comfortably, and engage their customer base through easy-to-use communication and updates.

If you are a hospitality business owner, or manager, and something about the start of this story hits a little close to home, you can talk to us about how WOWAPPS Delivery works, or simply sign up below!

WOWAPPS Delivery is an easy-to-use delivery service for restaurants that want to simplify the delivery process. It’s easy to integrate with most POS systems, and allows you to take orders straight from your website, Google Business Profile, or even your social media! And to make it even sweeter, we don’t charge commission, and we never will. We want you to thrive, and ultimately succeed. 

But WOWAPPS Delivery is only one part of the WOWAPPS tool set. We also offer table ordering, online booking, and online ordering as part of our service. Utilising WOWAPPS Deliveries has worked for Woodfellas Pizzeria, but we know every business is different, so we’ve got whatever it is that you need to take back control, increase sales, and lift profitability!  

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