Order with Google

Harness the power of Google and increase your sale - Commision Free

Get More Orders From Location Base And Near Me Searches.

Customers can now order directly from your venue within Google Maps, or even place a voice order using the Google Assistant. You can even have the order sent directly to your POS . 

Frictionless Journey

Order with Google provides your guests a fast and reliable ordering experience.

Commission Free

Stop letting third-parties take a cut of your business? Take orders directly at no extra cost.

More Customers

Capitalise on 'Near Me' searches and turn search results into orders.

Official Google Partner 

Connect real time menu availability to your Google Business account and POS system.  

Made in Australia based on the features you want.

Want more orders for less effort? WOWAPPS puts you in full control of your ordering system and drive diners to you.  Switch to a commission - free ordering system today.

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