Online Bookings


More bookings for your restaurant or cafe with less effort! 

Let customers instantly book with you in just a few clicks anywhere at any time.

Upgraded widgets for your website, social media and Google

Make the switch to direct online reservations while reducing fees, integrate marketing and provide a seamless guest experience.

More Customers

Built to acquire new customers, no matter what their preference is.

Own Your Data

Reduce reliance on third-party platforms and build your customer list on autopilot.


Why would you use third-parties who take a cut of your business? Become empowered to take bookings directly at no extra cost.

Official Google Partner

Built to acquire customers from anywhere. Harness the power of Google and get more confirmed reservations.

Booking Software for the Future of Hospitality

Built in partnership with our customers to meet the demands of modern restaurant management.

List Mode

See reservations in a list and quickly process them. 

Timeline Mode

Increase table turns and quickly find open time slots. 

More Than Just A Widget

Go beyond basic bookings with with revenue-generating tools like reservation options and pre-payment for reservations to drastically drop your no-show rate. 

Full Customer Support

Phone, email, walkthrough tutorials, everything you need to get you set up in under 20 minutes. 

SMS & Email Confirmations

Reduce no-shows by having the system remind your customers via emails and SMS of their up-and-coming booking.

Request Mode

The only booking widget that lets you take booking requests and then lets you decide to accept the booking. 

Smart Analytics

Get to know your customers and when is the best time to send them offers and promotions.

Build a Loyal Customer Base

Make outstanding guest experiences the heart of your brand with access to full customer data and dining history.


Earn an additional stream of revenue and sell vouchers to get customers coming back.

What restaurants say about us

“We chose WOWAPPS for the simple-to-use Bookings engine and the integration between online bookings and our POS system. But we never imagined that the shoutouts and push notifications would have such a huge impact for our business. We see a 25-30% increase in orders on the days we shout out a daily special.”

Geard Siromani

“I think the biggest factor is that it’s easy for the customers as well as us, you lose people all the time because they don’t understand how the system works. But the fact it is so easy for them, definitely brings in so many new customers.”

Dannielle King

“94% of our cashflow has come through online ordering in the past few weeks. Our customers are really appreciating the ease of ordering online. Even during a pandemic we’ve been able to keep our neighbourhood nourished.”

Fiona Veikkanen

A Total Customer Solution

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