WOWAPPS Table Ordering

Commission-free Table Ordering for Restaurants, Room Service & More

QR code-powered ordering lets you increase venue efficiency, cover staffing shortages, limit in-person contact, and improve the overall customer experience.

Your Digital Sidekick for a
Better Dine-in Experience

Let Table Ordering cover the gaps when it's busy or you're short staffed, by seating customers faster and reducing walk-outs. 

Empower customers who prefer to browse and order on their own time by doing everything from their phone.

Free up your staff to focus on other areas of the business to deliver better service and lift profitability.

Increase the average value of a table by allowing diners to order more and place repeat orders.

Improve the Customer Experience, Don't Replace It

Let our technology complement and cover your existing staffing by covering gaps, reducing errors, and putting the power in diners' hands

Give diners the ability to order and reorder when they want, without waiting for service - all while increasing your average table value

Managing everything is easy when you can send all orders at once with WOWAPPS batch ordering

Help customers order quickly and safely with the added security of Apple & Google Pay

Free up busy staff to focus on other tasks where they're needed and let them add value to your venue

Provide a fully branded experience with QR codes that suit and promote your brand

No app download required - remove the biggest barrier to customer uptake!

Grow your marketing list on autopilot with full ownership of your customer data

Not Just for Tables

Our system is built to be used across a range of venue and service types.

  • Table numbers (in a restaurant, cafe or bar)
  • Room numbers (in a hotel)
  • Villa or house numbers (in a holiday resort or village)
  • Area or seat numbers (at an event, such as a conference or concert)
  • Parking bay numbers (for a carpark or drive-in)
  • Gate numbers (in an airport)

WOWAPPS Works Perfectly with your Venue

However your customers want to interact with you, WOWAPPS is a single integrated platform that helps you manage and grow your business with so much more than Table Ordering alone.

See what else the WOWAPPS hospitality toolset can do for your venue.

Online Bookings

Increase your covers, not the costs

Online Ordering

All the features - no commissions

Table Ordering

A better experience for modern hospitality

e-Gift Cards

Drive an additional source of revenue 

Mobile Apps

Take guests experience to a whole new level

Marketing Power

Built to let you take back control of your customer relationships


“Went for breakfast with family. Easy to book a table online, could easily order online from the table." (Customer Review)


"Customers love it, easy to use and no commissions... What's not to love?"



"Customers can choose to wait at the bar or their table. We have seen our average spend increase by just having that convenience."


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