WOWAPPS eGift Cards

Drive revenue and delight diners: offer eGift cards for seamless gifting anytime, anywhere.

Offer eGift cards online

Sell eGift cards from your website and social media pages and add another revenue stream to your business.

Boost sales

eGift cards incentivise repeat visits, attract new customers, and provide immediate revenue

No hidden fees

WOWAPPS eGift Cards are commission-free

Tailored to your business

Upload your artwork, set sales limits, and customise your offerings - the decision is in your hands.

Easy to set up, Easy to sell, POS integrations available

Turn on eGift cards in your WOWAPPS portal, design your selections, and share the unique eGift card link on your site, socials, or in-store. Redeem via your WOWAPPS portal, or compatible POS systems.

  • Simple setup
  • Tailor-made
  • No hidden fees
  • POS Integration available

eGift Cards are Just the Start…

However your customers want to interact with you, WOWAPPS is a single integrated platform that helps you manage and grow your business with so much more than eGift Cards alone.

See what else the WOWAPPS hospitality toolset can do for your venue.

Online Bookings as an added solution for Restaurants using WOW deliveries

Online Bookings

Take customer reservations straight Google, social media, your website, QR codes, and any other online link at no extra cost.

QR code and table ordering as an added solution for restaurants using WOW delivery

QR-Code Table Ordering

Let Table Ordering cover the gaps when it's busy or you're short staffed by seating customers faster and reducing walk-outs.

Online Takeaway orders as an added solution for restaurants using WOW delivery

Online Takeaway Orders

Why would you use third parties who take a cut of your sales? Empower your business to take orders directly from Google at no extra cost.

Personalised Mobile App to help restaurant using WOW delivery service

Very Own Mobile App

Take your guest experiences to a whole different level. From personalized notifications to sophisticated marketing, we make outstanding service look easy.

  • Unlimited access to everything you need to be successful in today's trading environment.
  • Zero reliance on third-party aggregator services, so you don't have to fight to be seen.
  • No extra fees, no commissions, no contracts.
  • All included for the same monthly fee as WOW Delivery.

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