When table ordering first emerged onto the hospitality scene, some thought it was a gimmick. ‘Flashy’ new technology that wouldn’t last. Fast-forward to today, and just about every venue you walk into has a QR code laminated on top of the table. This widespread uptake shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, when you consider the range

Key Takeaways You’re being sold the dream, but when it comes to reservation/ordering providers who charge you a commission, you’re getting the raw end of the deal.They profit from your customer data.They make you pay for your regulars.They take Aussie money away from the local scene.They only show up when it’s time to get paid.They leave

Key TakeawaysClick here to download our free guide on ‘How to convert using Instagram stories’.Discover a proven way to permanently increase the revenue you receive from your social media content with very little effort.You will increase revenue if you give your customers an easy, contact-free way to reserve with you or place an order. Are

The days of billboard advertisements and Yellow Pages are long gone – restaurants must be more inventive in their marketing efforts in order to thrive in today’s market.Restaurants need to reach out to their consumers in a variety of methods, including social media, message systems and more. Here are five marketing suggestions to help you

As technology continues to get better, SMS marketing might seem like an outdated way to boost your marketing campaign. However, it remains an extremely effective tool for restaurants, especially those looking to save money on advertising costs. How Does SMS Marketing Work in Today’s world?It gives businesses the capability to reach their entire customer base

There was a time when online ordering was something a business could potentially adapt to boost their revenue – now it has become essential.Since the start of 2020, all industries have been thrown a curveball, left in uncertain times of when they would close, re-open and close again – this has placed the move to