Hospitality is changing: Find out how Lime Mexican solved multiple challenges with one tool that unlocked new efficiencies and maximised profits

In an increasingly digital world, WOWAPPS is helping businesses of all sizes keep up by revolutionising the way they take orders, payments, and bookings.


Technology is changing the face of hospitality in Australia. Where an attractive menu and brightly-lit sign were once enough, you now need a range of tools to stand out from the crowd and attract a steady flow of new and repeat customers. This is especially true in today’s restaurant scene, with Australians relying more and more on smartphones to find, book, and order from venues.

The owners and operators of Lime Mexican, which has 5 locations along the East Coast, were well aware of this. They knew their digital strategy needed some work, to ensure they could give customers the chance to experience new dining opportunities, and provide their staff with a vibrant working environment. WOWAPPS helped provide the digital solution Lime Mexican needed to successfully revolutionise its operations.

How Lime Mexican Used WOWAPPS To Fast-Track Their Digital Strategy

While the digital revolution was well underway in Australia before 2020, there’s no doubt the pandemic made the process more urgent. Lime Mexican felt the full force of the lockdowns – but they saw an opportunity hidden in the chaos: they used the pandemic to fast-track their digital strategy. With WOWAPPS, they were able to quickly set up essential tools, such as online takeaway ordering, to help sustain their business through the tough times.

Moreover, WOWAPPS’ commitment to commission-free solutions ensured that Lime Mexican retained more of their hard-earned revenue during these times.

Fast-forward to today, and technology has become a crucial component of Lime Mexican's operations. Utilizing the all-in-one solution provided has improved their customer service experience, streamlined business processes, and attracted more customers.


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WOWAPPS Helped Unlock More Orders And Reservations To Boost Revenue

Modern hospitality venues can’t rely on a single digital tool to keep customers coming through the doors. They need an entire system that works in harmony. A digital solution that integrates seamlessly into their business, boosts profits, makes life easier for staff, and gives customers a more enjoyable experience.

That’s precisely what WOWAPPS provided for Lime Mexican.

Online ordering made it easier for customers to continue purchasing their favourite meals and exploring Lime Mexican’s menu. Online reservations enabled customers to book a table with a few taps of their thumb, from anywhere in the country. E-gift cards provided an extra stream of revenue that helped to boost profits. And the control over customer data allowed for results-driven marketing to attract new customers and turn them into loyal regulars.

Each of these features were quickly and easily integrated into Lime Mexican’s business – and every single one of them is now a core part of their operations.

With The Success Of Their Existing Restaurants, Lime Mexican Are Set To Open A Sixth Location

Overall, WOWAPPS helped everything become simpler, smoother and more streamlined for Lime Mexican. With the tech in place to do the heavy lifting, their staff were able to handle the extra capacity as more orders and revenue started to come in.

Customers loved it, too. With online ordering and reservations, they could easily come back to Lime Mexican and order their favourite dishes online. The reviews on Google were pouring through, which in turn created more exposure and trust in the business. With all these aspects combined, Lime Mexican is a thriving modern hospitality business, with the set up in place to scale to a sixth venue and beyond.

WOWAPPS was pivotal in continuing our trade during the pandemic via online takeaway and delivery options, as well as its customer marketing capabilities. It has now become a way of doing business for us that has improved our customer service experience and business efficiencies.

Kelly, Lime Mexican

Want To Follow In The Footsteps Of Lime Mexican?

WOWAPPS has positively impacted how Lime Mexican interacts with their online and in-person customers. Digitalisation is a giant step for many venue owners, but with the help of WOWAPPS tech and team, the move has been seamless for Lime Mexican.

WOWAPPS delivers trust, dependability, and mobility for hospitality venues wanting to secure long-term success.

If you are a venue owner, WOWAPPS is ready to help you! The right time to digitalise is now, and WOWAPPS has been proven to make the transition as painless as possible. Join us to be our next success story.

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