July 23, 2021  



Increase in Online Orders


Saved in fees (and counting)



The Problem

Smokin Hot ‘n Saucy Barbecue is a Newcastle food truck serving Texas-style barbequed meat from its permanent location in a laneway on Maitland Road in Islington.

The only way to order for those seeking all things meat was by using a cocktail of third-party platforms, which resulted in hard-earned money being wasted away in monthly fees and commissions as high as 35% per order! 

The team at Smokin Hot ‘n Saucy Barbecue was investing in marketing to increase brand awareness to ensure even during a lockdown, orders were coming through the door, however this came at a price. The owners knew most orders coming through were in fact from repeat customers and didn’t feel it was fair to pay commissions on their existing customer database. 

The Solution

Our team met with the owners of Smokin Hot ‘n Saucy Barbecue to identify their current concerns and needs, then developed a 100% commission-free solution on all orders. 

Within 24 hours we set up their online ordering system on their website, the Australian Good Food Guide and Google, using the WOWAPPS commission-free ordering solution. 

“The cost of meat is up, minimum wage is up, everything is going up, the world is shutting down and we are working on how to survive. WOWAPPS allows us to market our own brand and get people to order directly from us, rather than using that third-party option, which is so important, especially right now.”

Randi Thraves- Owner

Smokin Hot 'n Saucy Barbecue


The addition of Google’s ordering platform meant customers could order direct from Google Maps and a Google search. 

This contributed to an 83% increase in sales in comparison to other delivery platforms within the same week, all while ensuring 0 commissions left their bank account! 

“In the same week we received $2200 of orders on WOWAPPS versus just $1200 on delivery platforms – it was interesting to see that WOWAPPS come out on top!”

The team not only noticed an increase in orders, but they were able to capture customer data, regardless of whether the order came via the Australian Good Food Guide, their own website, or Google. This now allows the team to understand the ordering habits of their customers and personalise their marketing strategies, communicating with them directly via emails and texts.

Want to learn more about how WOWAPPS can help your restaurant increase its revenue like it did for Smokin Hot ‘n Saucy Barbecue both during and post lockdown?