WOWAPPS: Your partner in the growth of your business

Our pricing model is simple. No commission, No hidden fees, No contracts. Just a low flat monthly subscription, because we believe that restaurant software should be accessible to all restaurants—no matter how big or small.

What's good for the customer is also good for you!

Our technical toolbox is full of the best features available to make your customers experience as good as it can be. Pick and choose what you need today, with the confidence of knowing that you have access to the full range of features if and when you need them at no extra cost.

It’s no longer good enough to be the same as everyone else. Good food and service is only a ticket into the game of success.

The closer you are to your customer the more you create a place of belonging. f belonging.

A fully-featured digital platform and restaurant growth engine

Online Reservations

Reduce reliance on 3rd party platforms and get more direct reservations for less.

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Online Ordering

Get started in minutes with seamless ordering from your website, socials & Google. 

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Table Ordering

Our ordering system includes dine-in options for a contactless menu system

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Get an automated loyalty system to increase sales.

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Use our in-built system and partners to Acquire, Engage, Retain and Grow.

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E-gift Cards

Easy customised E-gift cards.

Perfect for any occasion 

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Mobile App

Increase loyalty and sales by putting your brand in your customers' hands.

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Make better decisions and take control with our powerful analytics suite.

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Do it yourself or with one of our delivery partners. Get full control of your delivery.  

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