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Get More Bookings/Orders From Location Based And Near Me Searches.

WOWAPPS is pleased to announce it is the first company in Australia to offer both Reserve with Google and Order with Google integrations, commission-free. This means bookings and ordering just got a whole lot simpler for businesses and customers alike.

Frictionless Journey

Order and Reserve with Google provide your guests with a fast and reliable booking/ordering experience. 


Stop letting third-parties take a cut of your business? Take bookings and/or orders directly, at no extra cost.

More Customers

Enabling either Google Ordering or Bookings, increases the chances of your restaurant being noticed

in search results.

Full Customer Data

Get full details of your customers and use that data in future marketing campaigns.

Reserve With


  • Connect real-time table availability to your Google Business Account
  • Table management
  • Full access to customer data
  • Deposits (Coming Soon)

Order With 


  • Delivery options
  • Full access to customer data
  • Pre-ordering
  • POS Integrations

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