August 21, 2021  

Father’s Day is a fun family occasion that’s bursting with potential for restaurant and bar owners. Ideas for Father’s Day events are becoming an increasingly popular way to drive business, with $400 million spent each year treating fathers, stepfathers and grandpas to trips out for food and drink on Father’s Day.

If you own or operate a restaurant or bar, this is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to a new and expanding customer base. A smart marketing campaign is a fantastic approach to get families in the door and inspire them to come back for more.

The timing of Father’s Day celebrations is different from what we see on Mother’s Day. Families are more likely to celebrate Mum with a breakfast or lunch, while Father’s Day festivities are more likely to take place in the evening:

  • 67% of Father’s Day diners plan to go out for an evening meal.
  • 24% plan to take Dad out for lunch.
  • 10% plan to enjoy a family brunch.
  • 11% plan to dine out for breakfast.

While other restaurants merely provide daily set menus and drink deals, we have seven great restaurant marketing promotion tips to help you stand out:

Promote a Brunch Event at Your Venue:

Everyone loves contests! Bring fathers through your doors by offering things they’d like to receive on their special day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more platforms all offer the opportunity for restaurants and bars to engage with new and existing customers when it comes to special occasions.

If you want to keep things simple, ask people to comment on a thread with their Dad’s name – offer a randomly selected winner a free family meal on Father’s Day.

You can also increase your footfall by doing something simple like giving away $20 limited-edition gift cards for customers who ‘Tag a Dad’ on promotional Instagram posts.

This is a small expenditure when Dad and the family come down for breakfast, lunch or dinner and spend more than $100 between them.

Whatever your contest and prize, maximise your reach by ensuring people who register:

  • Like or follow your page.
  • Tag friends or siblings.
  • Comment on the official thread with their idea.
  • Share it.

Dine-in or Takeaway Meal Content

Come up with a Hamper for a Father’s Day contest which requires customers to purchase items on your menu in return for tickets. You can start the contest on the week leading up to the event and make the draw for the hamper on Father’s Day (guaranteeing your customers return to your venue).

You could offer ‘bonus tickets’ to customers who purchase extra items with their order – e.g. add a milkshake to your burger and chips for an additional ticket.

Offer Takeout Father’s Day Deals:

In an ideal world, all your reservations will fill up for Father’s Day based on the quality of your food, drinks, services and marketing. Lately, due to COVID lockdowns and restrictions, many venues are considering takeout options for Father’s Day.

A lot of us will be celebrating Father’s Day at home this year, so why not offer special takeout bundles to accommodate these customers and maximise your revenue.

Give Gift Card Bonuses:

Father's Day restaurant ideas don't have to include paying a visit to your venue on that exact day. Gift cards are ideal for people who wish to avoid peak hours, are working that day, or can't turn up for other reasons. You can also add a $10 bonus for every $50 gift card purchased on Father's Day to persuade anyone who is undecided.

Gift cards can be set up in your venue as physical gift cards, or through your online ordering provider if they offer them. Customers purchase upfront and can use them within the time frame you set.

Hire a Professional Photographer:

Memories are extremely valuable and what better memory than professional family photos together. Get a professional photographer in for the day to take pictures of families celebrating Father’s Day and enjoying meals together.

A bonus for you is you can use the photos taken for social media advertising campaigns, showcasing happy families dining together at your venue. Be sure to advise your photographer to get the required permissions from your customers and inform them their photographs will be posted to your social media channels.

This will keep your customers engaged in your social media channels and provide them with precious memories they can look back on in years to come.

Bring Out the Beer Promotions:

Dads deserve a holiday and nothing says ‘holiday’ better than a few pints of beer to accompany a meal. Meal combos, discounts, or even free drinks for dads are a fast and easy way to increase footfall.

Drinks are the most popular way for customers to have big celebrations at your venue. By creating a special Father’s Day tailored drinks bucket and meal combo, you make it easier for them to decide what to get at a price that maximises sales and profits.

Use these Father's Day restaurant marketing promotion ideas to increase your customer base before, during and after the event.

Remember to spread the word about the special something you'll be doing for Father's Day by posting your promotions on social media and perhaps consider a few Facebook/Instagram ads to reach a wider audience.

Prior to the day of the event, you should display ads in your restaurant outlining what you have planned. No matter what Father’s Day promotions you choose, your efforts won’t go unnoticed - your diners will appreciate it and so will the dads.

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