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AUG2021 Kounta and WOWAPPS Updates

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By Shea Irwin

August 21, 2021

Streamline your web, app and table ordering to your existing Kounta with Lightspeed POS. Lightspeed can help reduce errors in your ordering process and save you time. With instant menu changes you will be able to start taking orders online within minutes.

Improvements At a Glance:

  • Webhooks - WOWAPPS and Kounta now communicate via webhooks. This means as soon as the initial sync is done, all changes you make in Kounta will INSTANTLY update WOWAPPS.
  • Pass-thru Printing - Pass-thru Printing gives you the choice of allowing pick-up and delivery orders to go straight to the kitchen, bar or barista. This means your staff won't need to manually accept each and every order before it is sent to production.
  • Online Products - Have WOWAPPS and Google only show selected items online and even have the ability to change the product name to show differently online than it does to staff.

To learn more about these updates, including how to set them up using our interactive walkthrough training videos, please visit the Resources section in your WOWAPPS admin.

Did You Know?

WOWAPPS has proven to increase orders of up to 83%?


WOWAPPS is an all-Australian tech company, dedicated to anticipating the ever-evolving needs of restaurants and their diners. We are committed to helping Australian Restaurants reap the rewards of additional revenue and brand advocacy, providing seamless customer experiences that are more delightful and convenient.

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