July 14, 2021  

“I've definitely been saving money, and the team have been really helpful and easy to deal with."

- Neil Ghantous,  Owner -  Firehouse Grill

Firehouse Grill is a modern Australian and Mediterranean-inspired restaurant in Sydney that has always been popular with customers.

Then, COVID-19 hit, and like many venues, owner Neil Ghantous had to act quickly to become COVID compliant.

Suddenly faced with restrictions, he found himself having to find ways to save valuable funds and still meet customer demands in a new and tougher venue environment.

At the time Neil was using another online booking platform that charged exactly too much per person for each booking they generated (a whopping $3.30 per person to be exact).

One of the biggest issues for Neil and Firehouse Grill was that most of the bookings generated were already Neil’s customers who just wanted to make a quick and easy booking online, but he was paying for them anyway.

He worked out he was spending (or wasting) around $800 a month just accepting bookings for his OWN customers!

There had to be a better way, right?

SPOT ON! In fact, it was around that time that he heard about an industry game changer: WOWAPPS.

With their ZERO fee approach Neil knew he had to give it a go. Since that time Neil says “I've definitely been saving money, and the WOWAPPS team have been really helpful and easy to deal with. I’ve been telling fellow restaurant owners they need to move to WOWAPPS for commission free bookings and orders."

Just how successful has WOWAPPS really been for Neil though?

Neil calculated that Firehouse Grill have saved between $300 - $400 a week on average since making the switch, AND the remote bookings and management are easier than ever for the team.

With savings like that, he only wishes he’d heard about WOWAPPS sooner – but better late than never when it comes to the profitability and competitiveness of your business, right?!

Hear directly from  NEIL,  OWNER -  FIREHOUSE GRILL