July 20, 2021  



Growth in average 

monthly bookings


Staff Mistakes



The Problem

The Landing Bar & Kitchen is a contemporary restaurant in Honeysuckle, sitting on the edge of the harbour in Newcastle. It’s a popular destination for locals and tourists, but the only way for guests to make bookings was over the phone.

With so much demand, the constantly ringing phone was taking too much time away from staff who needed to focus their attention on customers and efficient service. The owners wanted a way to modernise their booking process, so it was simple to manage while reducing the chance of errors. 

The Solution

Our team met with the owners and managers of The Landing Bar & Kitchen to determine what they hoped to achieve through a new booking and ordering system. We then worked with them to get the system up and running in 24 hours and connected everything to their Google Business Page, Google Maps, their own website and more.

The addition of Google’s services made it even easier for customers who found the venue online to make bookings and orders – all without leaving the search engine. Everything from Google was also funneled into the restaurant’s data management system, so no matter where new bookings came from, the staff received them in real-time to one interface, which made it easy for everyone at the restaurant to manage.

“I love how the app gives customers recommendations for what to add to their orders. That and the only way the app could be better is if it did the cooking, too.” - , 

Kelly King

Marketing Manager for The Landing Bar & Kitchen.


Staff quickly noticed the difference WOWAPPS was making. Every day the phone rang fewer times, but traffic increased substantially. In fact, within three weeks there was a 20% increase in bookings, which was largely driven by Google Search and Google Maps.

“WOWAPPS has completely changed our workflow for bookings,” says Kelly King, Marketing Manager. “Automating reservations feels like it frees up an extra two hours on every shift.”

Kelly also noticed that errors had almost disappeared. Taking bookings by phone had previously led to the most mistakes due to misunderstandings. With the new system, customers enter their own bookings and have a chance to double-check them before confirming.

The advertising budget received a much-needed boost as well. Prior to making the switch to WOWAPPS, the restaurant didn’t have a list of customer phone numbers and emails - this meant the only way to reach its audience was through paid channels.

Through WOWAPPS, the restaurant now collects customer contact information with every order. The new contact database allows the restaurant to send emails and texts directly to previous customers, as often as the marketing team wants – ALL FOR FREE.

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