March 7, 2021  

Deposits, Deposits And More Deposits

We have spent a lot of work over the last few weeks in updating booking deposits. Not only have we given deposits their own tab in booking, based on your feedback, we have added:

  • Single Day Deposits - Great for specials occasions such as Mother's Days
  • Booking Pax Deposits - Great for those bigger booking tables.
  • At Capacity Deposits (Developer favourite) - Perfect for when your venue is getting to max capacity.

Single-day Deposits

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day...any special day that you're hosting. This new addition to our deposit system is perfect for when you want to do something special in your venue and want to ensure there are no ‘No-shows’.

Booking Pax Deposits

Built by the feedback we have received via our loyal clients. No longer do you have to make a ‘one-size fits all’ deposit. Don't want to take deposits for groups smaller than 4 pax, but want to take deposits for groups bigger than 5 pax? Now you can.

At Capacity Deposits

I will be honest with this one…I dared the team they could not do this withing the hour…but they did. The idea behind this deposit is if you're reaching max capacity, you can easily flick on a deposit to ensure customers will turn up and not leave those last few empty seats during the night, go unoccupied.  

Maximum People Per Booking

Another popular feature that has been requested a lot. No matter how you use your booking widget, you can now set the maximum booking size. The Idea behind this feature is you set you booking widget to only accept bookings of 8 or less and use the announcement text to get customers to call for bookings over 8.

Table Display Order

Yet another popular request. We now provide you the option to order tables in your timeline.

Table Has Arrived/Seated...

While in timeline mode, you can now show if a table has been seated, or not

Time To Go Back In Time...

Timeline now supports being able to go back in time and see who was seated where…

That's it for today. Should you need further information on any of the features mentioned above, or perhaps want to have a demo of the WOWAPPS suite. Feel free to visit our knowledge base. 

*New* New Booking Button

The New Booking button has been merged with the ‘Walk-in’ button to make one *New* New Booking Button. (Keeping up?)

Being able to override any rule you can use this button to either 

  • Make a booking with no deposit required.
  • Make a booking with no phone number, or email.
  • Make a full booking, which will follow all booking rules.