Commission-free Google Bookings

By Chief Commission Slayer, Shea Irwin
March 8, 2021

WOWAPPS is pleased to announce it is the first company in Australia to partner with Google to offer Reserve with Google functionality, commission-free and at no extra cost.

This means more customers can now book directly with you via your Google Business Page. Imagine, a customer searches ‘best Italian near me’ and your restaurant pops up first, with an easy-to-use option for them to book.

Reserve with Google allows customers to book restaurants and other nearby businesses directly through Google Search and Google Maps. The Reserve with Google button will appear directly under your business name and unlike other platforms, users don’t need social media to make their booking. 

Restaurants should be able see the benefit of this new booking method as a major, if not the ultimate, marketing tool to connect users with their booking system, via a familiar-looking interface, Google. Not only that, it creates an additional space to attract new customers, through its easy-to-use functionality and by appearing in general Google results. 

Instead of seeing the standard contact details that customers notice via a Google My Business listing, they will see a ‘Book Now’ button, working as a call to action.

Why are Reserve with Google and WOWAPPS better?

What this means for restaurants is customers will see their business when they use the search engine to find nearby places to eat and be able to instantly book a table…commission-free.

Those businesses aware of the Reserve with Google functionality, know that it’s the commission stealing juggernauts which have had access to this in the past. When a customer goes to book using Reserve with Google, the service provider of the system takes a hefty fee to allow the booking transaction to take place.

Typically, this is a customer the venue was already going to get - however, the provider has stepped in and taken a piece of the pie – not any more with WOWAPPS and its Reserve with Google partnership. 

How RWG Works

Step 01

Get Discovered

Get directly discovered by anyone using Google Search and Maps.

Step 02

Reserve The Booking

Based on pre-set settings, customers will book directly with you. Without leaving Google. 

Step 03


Customers will get automatic reminders of the upcoming booking and directions on how to get to your venue

Step 04


After the booking, customers will be prompted to leave a stunning review on your GMB page increasing greater awareness and convincing new customers to dine with you. 

Why should you find out more about WOWAPPS and Reserve with Google?

It’s important to remember the majority of customers prefer to book online, the days of booking over the phone are very much in decline. Providing the ability to book online, especially via multiple avenues such as Google, results in higher earnings and massive savings. 

Booking software alone decreases the amount of ‘no shows’ by up to 80%. The visibility gained by having your business adopt the RWG button is vital in staying ahead of the game and bringing in those customers. The easier it is for people to do something, the more likely they are to do it. This applies to booking a restaurant and Reserve with Google simplifies this process.

Having the feature for your business, elevates it as a premium service provider, separating it from the rest.

 Remember, the service is a free ad-on with WOWAPPS and commission-free. In addition, WOWAPPS includes the Order with Google Button commission-free, the first Australian company to offer this opportunity.  

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Chief Commission Slayer, Shea Irwin