February 5, 2021  

It's 2021, WOWAPPS isn't here to mess around. We're here to take our software to a whole new level and help you get even more out of your business.

This means some epic updates are on our development road map.

Last week we rolled out our integration with Doshii. Doshii is a leading modern cloud platform and marketplace which brings together venues, POS and apps. 

Using its powerful APIs and Dashboard, WOWAPPS can instantly connect to a wide variety of POS (and other app) systems, so you can benefit from faster order processing and never having to rekey in orders again. 

You can use the Doshii API for all pick-up, table and delivery orders and they will go directly into your POS. 

Currently Doshii integrates with one of the below POS systems with more to come later this year: 

  • SquarePOS                                                          
  • Square for Restaurants
  • H&L Sysnet
  • Oracle Micros 3700 (Transaction Services licence required)
  • Oracle Micros Simphony (Transaction Services licence required)
  • NCR Aloha TS & QS
  • Starrtec
  • RaptorPOS
  • Many more on the road map for 2021

It is also worth mentioning that WOWAPPS directly integrates with Kounta by Lightspeed and this can be achieved without a Doshii connection.

If wanting to find out more about Doshii and connecting your WOWAPPS system to Doshii, simply use the contact form in the POS tab inside the WOWAPPS ordering section. or contact us here