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Read the Il Locale's Pizzeria success story with WOW Delivery Below. Or watch the video to learn how to save on delivery costs.

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We're back with another success story, and this one shines a spotlight on Il Locale and its innovative leader, Mathieu!

Looking for a commission-free solution to online orders/deliveries, Mathieu turned to WOWAPPS. His goal? To escape the grip of aggregator apps and take control of his restaurant's future.

With WOWAPPS on its side, Il Locale embarked on a journey to tap into the organic reach that Google has to offer. 

The results? Absolutely astounding! Here's what they achieved:

Immediate Organic Reach: Within just two weeks, Il Locale's two locations saw more than 30 orders/deliveries, with the first order the same day they went live, and the first delivery within two days

Direct Delivery: With 10+ organic delivery orders already in and counting, they've successfully connected with customers without third-party commissions.

Smart Savings: They've saved over $150 in just the first week! These savings, in the past would have gone to aggregator partners.

What makes this story even more inspiring is the simplicity of it all. With just one straightforward change – implementing the WOWAPPS buttons on Google.

Il Locale tapped into an immediate organic reach. This seemingly small adjustment opened a world of opportunities and success, and that same triumph could be yours too.

Want to see Il Locale's thriving presence? - Click here to check them out on Google

Take the leap today, embrace the organic reach that's waiting for you, and become the next success story.

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WOWAPPS + Lime Mexican

How Lime Mexican solved multiple challenges with one tool that unlocked new efficiencies and maximised profits

"WOWAPPS was pivotal in continuing our trade during the pandemic via online takeaway and delivery options, as well as its customer marketing capabilities. It has now become a way of doing business for us that has improved our customer service experience and business efficiencies."

Kelly King

Lime Mexican Group

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