Elevating Restaurant Success with WOWAPPS’ Google Integration

By Brad Whealan
August 15, 2023
Our Stats...
  • 48% of venues serve up their first Order via Google within the first 48hrs.
  • 70% of new venues grab their first booking via Reserve with Google within 24hrs.

Technology has become a game-changer in a world where restaurants are constantly trying to stand out, simplify operations, and draw in more customers. WOWAPPS' integration with Google has been one that is revolutionising the restaurant industry, a relationship that is redefining how restaurants gain consumers and maintain their digital presence.

WOWAPPS: Your All-in-One Solution for Modern Restaurants

In 2016, a trio of innovators recognised a crucial gap in the restaurant industry, restaurants shelling out a large part of their revenue in commissions and juggling multiple systems to manage their operations.

With a vision to level the playing field for restaurateurs and revolutionise the industry, WOWAPPS was born, determined to make a difference to create a fair alternative.

With a clear mission: to empower the "common man" restaurateur by providing a commission-free, flexible, and effective platform. 

WOWAPPS is now a one-stop solution for restaurants, offering everything from Bookings, Orders, Deliveries, QR Codes, eGift cards, and for one low cost, eliminating the need for restaurants to use multiple detached systems.

Tapping into the Power of Google

Every day, Google processes around 250,000 food-related searches in Australia. These are not just numbers; they represent potential patrons actively seeking their next meal.

A staggering 800,000 searches a month are just for "restaurant near me". To capture this audience, a restaurant's online presence on such platforms is non-negotiable.

WOWAPPS' integration with Google is a dynamic solution designed to maximise online reservations, reduce fees, and enhance the guest experience.

One of the standout features of this partnership is the ability for customers to make online bookings or orders, directly from Google search results, Google Maps, and even Google Assistant. This frictionless booking/ordering experience drives more reservations/orders, ensuring that your restaurant is in the spotlight when potential diners are searching for a place to dine.

Uniting Restaurants and Diners through WOWAPPS

WOWAPPS is not just about amplifying a restaurant's online visibility; it's a bridge, a connection between eateries and potential customers. Its integrated features such as "Reserve with Google" and "Order with Google" ensure active engagement.

Due to this, restaurants on the platform have reported a surge of up to 30% in reservations, smoothly converting online interest into physical patronage.

Moreover, it's about ownership and autonomy. The integration empowers restaurant owners to build their customer list autonomously, reducing any reliance on third-party platforms. No longer do establishments need to surrender a portion of their hard-earned revenue to hefty commission rates or per booking fees. 

Their commitment to commission-free operations reinforces their dedication to their partners' success.

Aussie Ribs & BBQ: A relative newcomer to the platform compared to some of its peers, the results seen by Aussie Ribs & BBQ are nothing short of spectacular.

In just a short span, they have amassed a whopping 2,000 bookings.

Their rapid success underscores the transformative potential of integrating WOWAPPS with Google.

By prioritizing bookings over orders or deliveries, they've streamlined their focus and tapped into a vast audience of patrons eager to reserve their spot at this iconic eatery. Their trajectory highlights the platform's flexibility, catering to the unique needs and strengths of each establishment.

WOWAPPS and Google: Charting the Future of Dining

The collaboration between WOWAPPS and Google is reshaping how we dine in the digital age. Through features like WOWBookings and WOWOrders, restaurants gain access to an interconnected ecosystem that effortlessly links various channels, whether it's social media, websites, or promotional materials. This centralised approach streamlines the customer journey, elevating the overall dining experience.

Vietnamese Mint: This venue, renowned for its exceptional cuisine, has harnessed the WOWAPPS platform's capabilities to significant effect.

Although not a traditionally booking-centric establishment, Vietnamese Mint has astoundingly acquired around 150 bookings.

The real marvel, however, is in their orders. Through the synergy of WOWAPPS and Google, they've processed an astonishing 6,000 orders.

Their success stands as a testament to how the platform can bolster even venues that have traditionally relied on walk-ins and casual diners, transitioning them into the digital age with a surge in online orders.

WOWAPPS' Google Integration's success speaks for itself. Restaurants that embraced this partnership have seen a significant increase in online bookings/orders, which has translated into a boost in revenue as well as online visibility. This is more than a technology tool, it's a strategy that enables businesses to shine on an online stage, engage potential diners, and convert interest into confirmed reservations, effortlessly.

"At Vietnamese Mint, even when we don't see many diners inside, our kitchen is always busy thanks to WOWAPPS. It's like there's always a line, just online! We're constantly whipping up dishes for folks ordering from home. It's been a game-changer for us," says the Vietnamese Mint Team.

At its core, the platform empowers restaurants, emphasising cost reduction, improved diner experiences, and equipping dining establishments with the tools and insights necessary for growth.

Rooted in the belief that exceptional dining experiences should be accessible and celebrated, WOWAPPS is positioning restaurants to turn this vision into reality – not just for today, but for the future. With WOWAPPS' Google Integration at the helm, restaurant success is no longer a distant dream but an attainable and sustainable reality.

Ready to Revolutionise Your Restaurant? 🚀

Don't be left behind in the digital dining age. Experience the transformative power of WOWAPPS+ Google for yourself and set your establishment on the path to unparalleled success.


of new venues grab their first booking via Reserve with Google within 24hrs.


of venues serve up their first Order via Google within the first 48hrs

Make it easy for customers to book or order with you

Commission-free reservations and orders. Powered by Google

"Today's diners start their food journey online, often on Google. We make sure our partnered restaurants are the first they see, ready to take bookings and orders. All of it on one platform, and yes, without any commissions." says Shea, CEO of WOWAPPS.