November 28, 2021  

Usually, every four weeks we surprise you with brand new features we've added to WOWAPPS— features that will help you build a better business and not charge you an arm in a leg for it. On that front, this article is no different: I'll be sharing the 6 new features we just released last week. But that isn't all...Behind the scenes, we've been working on some really, really big things - coming soon. In today's article, I'm going to announce not one - but two huge projects that are right around the corner. You're not going to want to miss this.

Booking Sections - Coming December 6th 

(On my birthday, for those keeping count)

Now that we are looking at finally putting lockdowns behind us, online reservations and bookings are becoming hotter than Marvel’s next Summer blockbuster. 

Fortunately during the lockdowns we didn’t just put the booking widget up on the shelf for something to come back to once there was a demand. We worked hard - very hard - and now ready to give you the rewards of our hard work…introducing Sections.

With a few clicks of a button customers will be able to choose their preferred booking section. You as the vendor have full flexibility on which sections are available and what tables or pax are available to book in each section. 

Image of Sections via Reserve With Google

Third Party Delivery Activation  

When you switch on delivery now, you can choose to either use your own delivery or any of our partner delivery drivers (Including 13cabs).

Once you opt in (turn this feature on), your ordering system will automatically update to your new settings, meaning you can go in and out of ‘Third Party Delivery Activation Mode’ as often and as instantly as you like. 

Among others, you can thank Glenn Mohring from Mojo Picon Takeaway for this feature request.

Mandatory Booking Requirements

Shout out to Angela Pickering from VAULT Yarraville for this idea.

Booking requirements now have a ‘required’ setting which means once activated, customers will need to select an option before continuing. This can be a great little tool to use to find out more about your guests before they dine.

Bypass Availability and Blockouts

A new great little feature for those who use the timeline/list mode of the booking system and just as great of a suggestion from Alistair Smith from The Fancy Parrot

With this option activated, staff will be able to make bookings within the system (and timeline) regardless of any blockout setting. To give an easy example of this, if you have a 2-hour rolling blockout on and you make a booking for ‘Now’, you will be able to make this booking if the above option is switched on. Unlike before, where you would have to make this booking two hours out, based on your availability.

Booking Has Left Option

A great little suggestion by Jason and the team at Tokyo Den. On the timeline, once a booking has been deemed ‘seated’ and during the time of the booking, users will now see a ‘Booking has Left’ option. This is a great little tool that once pressed will change the bookings end time to ‘current’.

Booking List Improvements 

Again, a great suggestion from Jason and the team at Tokyo Den - list mode has been redesigned to make it more user-friendly on iPads and iPhones.

Stock Control for Ordering

Requested by many, (so we decided to free up the phone line and just do it) you can now add stock to any item you wish. Each time an item is ordered, the stock associated to that item will count down and once it reaches 0, it will become unavailable to order until you add additional stock to that item.  

One More Thing...Coming Soon

At the start of this article, I mentioned we'd have two teasers about what's around the corner.

The first was Sections, only one week away.

The second?

We're proud to announce we are fiercely working on a game-changing update to one of our leading widgets.

The name should say it all…but just in case, I am also going to leave you with a small video: 

Ordering Widget 2.0 – redefining what an online ordering widget should look like

We hope you enjoyed this months updates - WOWAPPS