WOWAPPS Booking Widget FAQS

Features at a glance

  • No commission on bookings
  • Set and forget
  • Instant confirmation
  • WOWAPPS will never promote other establishments to your guests
  • You’re in control of your guest's data - WOWAPPS will give you mobile numbers and emails of your guests, no matter where they book
  • WOWAPPS Booking Widget available in your App, website, social media pages and Google business page

WOWAPPS Booking Widget FAQs

Are there any additional costs?

We hate hidden charges as much as you. So here it is… STRAIGHT UP.


WOWAPPS will never charge a commission for their bookings.

Is the WOWAPPS booking widget easy to set up?

Yes! A typical restaurant spends less than 20 minutes setting up their widget.

What device can my customers use to book?

Your WOWAPPS Booking Widget will be available across:
Mobile Websites
Social Media Pages
Google My Business Page

A desktop version will also be available, but for a first class experience and the ability to re-target and maximise profits, we recommend you push your mobile app.

What happens if I don’t respond to a booking that needs approval?

To save confusion on the guest's end, it is encouraged that you respond to all bookings that need approval in your HQ or Managers App.
Emails sent to remind establishment of a new unattended booking:
Based on booking taken -> booking time elapses, the following emails occur at these positions through the timeline:
1st reminder = 15%
2nd reminder = 35%
3rd reminder = 70%
4th reminder = 90%
Then an email to the establishment if the booking was missed entirely. An email will also be sent to the guest notifying them that WOWAPPS was unable to reach the establishment (you) and to call the establishment directly.

Can I specify days where I wish to not receive any bookings?

Yes - Being the good guys that we are, we also give you an area to explain why you're not accepting bookings

Can more than one staff member be notified of a booking?

Within your own email settings, you can create an email rule that as soon as you receive a booking email notification, it will send an email copy to your nominated email addresses.

If using the WOWAPPS Manager App, anyone who has the app on their phone/device and is signed in will receive the notification of the booking via a push notification.

Can I see a beta preview?

To see a mock-up of the booking widget, click here

How do I receive notifications of a booking?

Right now, you will receive an email notifying you of the booking. Shortly, in addition to this, you will soon get notified of the booking via the WOWAPPS Managers App.

How does it work?

Your WOWAPPS booking widget works like an online telephone call. A customer will always be able to make a booking. However, you can set perimeters up allowing the widget to tell the guest if their booking is instantly confirmed or needs approval

  • Instantly Confirmed: at the time of booking, if the request meets the parameters set by you, both you and the guest making the booking will be instantly notified that the booking is confirmed.
  • Needs Approval: sometimes a booking will happen, outside the parameters you set. The last thing you want as an establishment is to not let the guest book and risk that guest going somewhere else. So instead, the WOWAPPS booking widget will take the booking request but inform the guest that the system is contacting the establishment (you) to approve the booking.

You will be notified of the request by email and via the WOWAPPS Manager App. From here, you can confirm/decline the reservation, provide a reason or contact the guest directly via their mobile number.

Do you offer any intergrations?

Integrations to your current POS/reservation system will happen as demand calls for it. If you would like the system to be integrated into your POS/reservation system right away this will come at an additional cost. Please contact WOWAPPS to find out more.

How do I get the new WOWAPPS Managers App?

This will need to be downloaded onto a device to receive orders. Additional information on this will be available soon. When using the WOWAPPS booking widget, notifications of the booking will come through this app also