A fresh approach to Table Ordering

Tap - Order - Pay


The safest and easiest way to order for your customers to order. 

A better experience for todays customer

Give your Customers the control you want 

Standing in line or waiting for the attention of waitstaff never makes for good experience. Todays customer doesn't want to wait.

Enjoy Labour Efficiencies 

Free up your wait staff to better serve, host and improve the dining experience. 

Increase order sizes

Suggestive and favorite orders can help you increase your average cheque. 

How It Works

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Customer Taps or Scans

Using Table cards or stickers designed by you. (Inspired by examples we give you) A customer taps or scans to place an order.

Customer Orders

During the 'Tap/Scan' process your own app is downloaded on to the customers phone and a customer places and pays for the order

Order Received 

You receive the order instantly with fill table instructions. 

Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Customers leaving with your app, means you can reach out to them time and time again. It is like they never left the restaurant. 


Functions you'll need and features you'll love!

Use features like processing time to let clients book during downtimes of existing appointments.

No Expensive Hardware

We use your customers phone

Easy to Implement

So simple, you can start taking Table orders in 1hr.

Instant Changes

No delays. All menu items update instantly.


Get Orders straight to your POS

Table Ping

Ditch the buzzers and send your customers a message when the order is ready

Customisable Tags

Get the look and feel you want

Flexible Menu Hours

Display Breakfast at Breakfast and Dinner at Dinner

No Contracts

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Own Your Data

Get full details of everyone who comes uses TOP


Integrated Loyalty for repeat purchases

Cash & Credit

Take both Cash and Credit Card Payments and get paid instantly.

Advance Marketing

Reach out to your customers once they have left

Freedom From Buzzers

Who knows where the last person to touch a buzzer has been sticking their hands? When everyone already has a buzzer in their pockets, there’s no need for you to give them a dirty one that doesn’t connect to the internet, play games or offer the latest sports scores.

Let customers use the device they are already in love with. That’s what makes TOP perfect for bars, pubs, fast casual restaurants, cafes, theme parks, beach clubs, food trucks and anywhere else that serves something over a counter. It works with just about any system you currently have in place, or it replaces it entirely.

Everything is quick to set up, and since it all runs on your customer’s phones, there’s no expensive hardware required for you to buy and maintain. It’s an easy win for everyone.

Why Your Customers Are

Going To Love TOP

If you haven’t done this in a while, here’s what it’s like to try to browse restaurant menus on a cell phone:

You do a Google search for restaurants near you and get a bunch of results. Some links have a menu button, others don’t, so you have to click on their websites and look for it. The websites look like they were made in 1992, with little construction workers putting up a sign that reads “under construction.”

If you manage to find a menu link, it’s a pdf file of a single image that is the largest ever created, and if it were printed it would be the size of a newspaper. Sadly, the giant size doesn’t help because it’s a grainy photo of an outdated menu that was laminated and reflected the camera flash as the picture was taken.

I think you get the point by now. It may be hell to look at restaurant menus on a computer, but you’re riding the devil’s melting-hot pitchfork when trying to view them on a phone. 

TOP puts an end to that garbage experience. Through an easy and intuitive interface, your customers can access your current promotions, specials and happy hour offers. They see pictures and descriptions for every item and can order them as soon as they’re ready.

They’ll also be automatically enrolled in your loyalty program and can track how close they are to their first reward just by opening your app.

Your customer’s are already using their phones all the time for almost everything they do. Go where they are and make it easy for them to spend money with you!

Why Your Staff Are Going To Love TOP

This may be a shocker, but your servers hate taking orders. There’s always someone who isn’t ready and someone else who wants so many substitutions they should get an award for designing the best meal that makes no sense.

With TOP, your customers look through the menu on their phones and only order when they’re ready. No need for a server to keep coming back over and over again to check.

And there’s no wasting time on drink orders, then coming back again to get food selections. Everything moves much smoother for your staff because they don’t have to play a part in every step of the ordering process.

Plus, the orders are always right. No errors. No screw ups. No miscommunications. If something is wrong it’s because the customer did it (which is easy to fix, but at least they can’t blame the server). 

Oh, and there’s one more big perk for servers... no more split bills! Keep some clean underwear close, they might wet themselves when they hear that. Split checks really suck. They’re a pain to sort out and they’re time-consuming to handle, which takes your server away from checking on their other tables.

Your servers will also like the freedom it gives them to be more helpful, such as recommending items on the menu and interacting with customers in a more casual way, instead of being glued to a notepad. Overall, it’s just a better experience for everyone.

Why YOU are going to

love TOP

It’s going to save you a lot of time and money.

Here’s one example: Most restaurants buy ads on Facebook and Google to see if they can drive traffic to their locations. Another option that’s commonly used are aggregator sites that constantly push you to buy sponsorships and offer discounts so you stay in front of potential customers.

All of these options cost money. And depending on how expertly you manage them, they can take a big chunk of your profits.

Then, after taking your money, they refuse to give you access to the contact info for the customers you earned through them. It’s basically the same relationship a drug dealer provides. You keep coming back for more.

With TOP, you control your customer list and you can reach them any time you want—for free. No commissions ever again!

And here’s another reason you’ll love TOP: impulse purchases.

Since your customers can clearly see all the extra food items and options available on your menu, and slightly nudges them to select them, TOP entices them to keep adding more to their carts.

There’s a reason why grocery stores put all the candy by the check-out counters—to drive parents nuts! 

But seriously, you can’t discount the opportunities for impulse orders with self-service apps. We can even suggest options before check-out, such as desserts, just in case they skipped that option the first time.

You’re able to configure TOP according to your needs and can personalize everything to match your workflow. So if you want to change one item or your entire menu every day, go right ahead. No one is stopping you.

You’ll also see a lot of customer data, such as what meals are popular and which digital gift cards are getting bought the most. It makes it easy to tweak your offerings to maximize profits.

Plus, it works 24/7, 365 days a year and never calls in sick. You’ll be taking orders while you sleep!

See What Our Customers Say

All'Antica Pizzeria

*customer service second to none, amazing…. even after hours :)

WOWAPPS is an awesome step for any business that don’t as yet have their own APP. Very easy to use dashboard – uploading and making changes. And customer service second to none, amazing…. Even after hours :)

Helen McNally Owner

Whisky Business

We originally were looking for an alternative to the extremely expensive uber eats, menu log etc... Which we saw no value in implementing. We were setup for counter service only and with wowapps were excited to be able to offer at table ordering without needing to put on additional staff to offer table service. This has helped us with our customers that found it difficult to leave thier table to come up to the counter to order. This includes, customers with disabilities, customers with small children , customers who bring along their dogs, or even customers who just do t feel like standing in a queue to wait to order.

The support offered by wowapps is second to none, with the team always prompt and keen to offer help when things aren't working quite right, and also taking the time to explain what is happening.

Ben + Kylie Rhodes Owners

Ramen Ichibandori

The good thing is we actually got more customers after setting booking system

Tomo Matsuya Owner

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