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On your website; Facebook; Instagram and Google Business pages. So as many customers as possible can order from you. If you’re no techy and don’t know how to put these live. We’ll happily do it all for you. Learn More

If your system doesn’t allow you to access your money when you want to, dump it! There should be no more than a days delay on being able to access the cash you have earned on orders – with WOWAPPS you choose when you get paid and and you can thank every client that has come on board before you for that one.

You do! Every order builds you a database of customers you can retarget. At WOWAPPS we don’t retarget your customers with promotions of others. If fact at WOWAPPS, we’ll give you your very own app to easily retarget customers and the exact data to retarget them with!

At WOWAPPS we’re not about profiting from every order irrespective of where it come from. We understand that you want online ordering to work for you. Check out what our current clients say about us.

Super important – with the WOWAPPS system you have the options to add modifiers as you see fit to any menu item and even make them mandatory: Double bacon cheese burger – want fries with that?

The WOWAPPS system allows you to create a delivery radius or individually select suburbs that you want to deliver to. You can even set different delivery prices for different suburbs. You can Thank Joe Panuccio at La Marina for this one.

With WOWAPPS you can set your own pick-up and delivery times – have your default times set, but come Friday night and you’re getting smashed you can change that time with the swipe curser. Our director was relentless on this one – so you can thank him for this.

This one is always going to depend on what POS you are using but I must say we have the best Kounta integration anywhere and you can thank Brian Hyland at Il Forno that.

If your online ordering doesn’t allow you to update instantly – change! You don’t have to be a genius to know that if you sell out of something you want it off the menu immediately.

‘we only deliver to the door’ – you can thank corona virus for that one!

Now this is an important question! At WOWAPPS we take 3 types of commission – zip, zero, and nada! That’s right we take no commission on you online orders. You can thank Uber and every predatory aggregator that is for that one.

Two for one Pizzas? 20% off your order? Spend $50 and $20 off: Yes, Yes and Yes, the WOWAPPS system does it all That’s another thank you for Joe Panuccio at la Marina.

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