September 4, 2020  

Sandgate Post Office Hotel

 Case Study.

Built in 1886, Sandgate Post Office Hotel has a heritage feel as one of Queensland’s first post offices.

Co-owner TJ Marshall says they are focused on creating a family-environment bistro and bar, along
with progressing their business and bringing new things to the venue. 

TJ says their partnership with WOWAPPS has brought great success through utilising the booking

feature, new deposit function and shout out capabilities.

“We mostly use WOWAPPS for booking – I can structure table times and don’t have to worry about

missing phone calls in the middle of service, or when we’re closed. The shout out function is brilliant

and we are slowly getting more and more on to that,” he explains.

TJ says there is a lot of functionality through WOWAPPS that he is really excited to utilise.

“The best result so far has been the increase in bookings because of the accessibility. It just makes it so much easier for people to log on and book, rather than having to Google restaurants near me.

“They jump on the app directly on their phone, through Facebook or Instagram and book a table, then and there. There’s no second guessing, it’s locking people in early rather than letting them fumble around to try to make a decision.”

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