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Wins from Alice Rebels Cafe

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By wowadmin

June 14, 2021

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Meg Anderson has owned and operated Chelsea (VIC) based eatery and bar, Alice Rebels since 2017. 

She knew they had a great offering for their customers, but needed to GROW it, and FAST – because who has months to wait for results? Not smart venue owners, that’s for sure!

Meg first heard about WOWAPPS through their affiliation with The Australian Good Food Guide, and hasn’t looked back since.

In her own words: “We’ve basically gone from zero to hero – the app has been blowing up!”

With 0% commission fees, easy set up and the ability to fulfil not only food but beer and grocery orders as well, the app has proved to be very easy for Meg and her staff to use. 

“I think the most amazing result is our Friday and Saturday night dinners. We really weren’t doing that well, when we were open for people to sit in,” she says. “By using the app to promote takeaway and delivery through online ordering, we noticed we would be hitting some pretty good numbers, particularly on Friday nights. “And not just little orders of $10-$20; we’re talking $80-$90 and even from the grocery side.”

Now with WOWAPPS pre-ordering available, Meg is planning date night orders for lockdown special occasions. Customers can submit their order online, select a pick-up date and time to collect later in the week. WOWAPPS processes everything – from order to payment and receipts.


WOWAPPS is an all-Australian tech company, dedicated to anticipating the ever-evolving needs of restaurants and their diners. We are committed to helping Australian Restaurants reap the rewards of additional revenue and brand advocacy, providing seamless customer experiences that are more delightful and convenient.

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