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Updated January 20, 2024
Author Josh Ridley

Ever felt the rush of a bustling restaurant during peak hours? Orders coming in thick and fast and the pressure to keep everything on track?

The magic isn’t just in crafting remarkable dishes, but also in seamlessly managing those orders to ensure every diner walks away smiling. Here’s the big question: what if a tool could lighten that load for you?

Join us as we delve into how WOWAPPS is automating the ordering experience for restaurants like yours:

Here's 34 ordering tasks WOWAPPS automatically does for you

To start, you can automatically... 

Place and manage orders:

1 - Guests can place their own order from all their channels.

2 - Guests can order for a later date.

3 - Guests can order from the table.

4 - Guests can modify their own order.

5 - Guests can leave notes per orders.

6 - Guests can order delivery.

7 - Send confirmation messages to guests who place an order.

8 - Guests can order directly from any marketing material.

9 - Customers can place orders on all channels.

Managing Orders

10 - Orders can be batched so you don’t get multiple dockets.

11 - Orders can be ‘throttled’ to only accept so many in a time period.

12 - Items can be available only at certain time of the days.

13 - Guests can be told wait time at the time of ordering.

14 - Orders can be sent to your Point-of-Sale System.

15 - Orders can be printed.

16 - Orders can be set with a prep-time.

17 - Orders can be set with a delivery time.

18 - Send custom messages once an order has been placed.

After Ordering:

19 - Customers can be notified of pickup/delivery times when orders are ready.

20 - Customers can be sent tracking links for their delivery.

21 - Send a thank-you message to regular guests who have ordered.

Loyalty & Promotions

22 - Guests can order with pre-defined promotion codes.

23 - Guests can be notified of specials based on their loyalty of the business.

24 - Guests can be encouraged to increase their total order volume through promotions.

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Collect payments and send payment messages:

25 - Payments can be captured at the time of ordering.

26 - Send a message to guests when their payment is captured.

27 - Send a message to guests when their payment can’t be captured to inform them to re-order.

Create shift reports and calculate guest value

28 - Count the number of times an individual guest has ordered you.

29 - Show the total number of orders in the day.

30 - Create reports for your team and manager, including:

  • Total number of customers who ordered.
  • Total daily order value.
  • Average spend.
  • Products and items sold.


  • Elevate Efficiency: Embrace WOWAPPS and watch the transformation. From receiving orders to ensuring they're ready for pickup or delivery, the process has never been smoother.
    Multichannel Mastery: Whether it's orders from your website, social channels, or direct walk-ins, be in complete control with a unified platform.
    Insightful Reporting: Knowledge is power. Access product and sales reports to make informed decisions and fine-tune your offerings.


In the culinary world, mastering the flow of orders is paramount. That's where automation becomes your secret ingredient. With WOWAPPS guiding the order journey, every dish is not just delivered but celebrated, ensuring the true essence of your kitchen reaches every table, every time. But the magic of automation isn't limited to just ordering.

 Want to see how a diner's experience can be transformed even before they walk through your doors or place an order? Discover how WOWAPPS's automation seamlessly handles reservations,

making every booking a prologue to an unforgettable experience.

From simplifying online orders to enhancing dining reservations, WOWAPPS's automation ensures the spotlight remains on your dishes and the experiences you craft.

>>> Want to know more? Request a demo today!

In the meantime, sign up and try it for yourself. 


Chief Commission Slayer, Shea Irwin