August 3, 2021  

25% increase in reservations

70% Increase in Online Orders 

ALL 100% commission-free


Orders and Counting


Online Reservations (And Counting)



The Problem

Vitalia Italian Restaurant in Cairns, QLD, has no shortage of passion, creativity and delicious, authentic pizza and pasta tempters. Before WOWAPPS, this venue didn’t have an online booking or ordering system in place, and instead relied on customers taking the time to call and book directly. 

Why is this an issue? Well, not only are less and less customers willing to fit their booking requirements around a venue’s operational hours, most also don’t want to shout their takeaway order through the phoneline!

Owner Antonio Lo Conte reinforced this idea by asserting that staff had encountered several issues with over-the-phone orders; a customer would order prosciutto and over the background noise of the busy restaurant the request would instead be heard as a similar sounding item, like bruschetta. Oh-oh!

The Solution

Modern problems require modern solutions. Antoni partnered with WOWAPPS after learning more about their successful transformations and results for other venues. 

The plan to initiate positive change was twofold and included:

  1. Creating an online ordering option for customer ease & reducing errors 
  2. Adding an online booking option to expand reach & drive sales

The most important part of the solution was to keep costs low and process simple and seamless. 

Luckily, WOWAPPS is not like other food aggregator apps. They charge ZERO commissions on online bookings and the same goes for online orders too. Plus, you stay in control of your – customer data – marketing – order radius – special promotions.

Where other apps may charge up to a HUGE 30% in commissions on orders, and $2-3 p/person per online booking, WOWAPPS believes in supporting both the customer AND venue.

WOWAPPS uses Google, Australia’s leading search platform, to easily integrate bookings and reservations for venues. For customers, it means just a quick click and *BOOM* – order/booking locked in – no calls needed!

“Since WOWAPPS created the option for customers to reserve through Google, we’ve increased our reservations by 25%”

Antonio Lo Conte - Owner

Vitalia Italian Restaurant


Antonio said that prior to WOWAPPS the restaurant received lot of searches through Google but never had the ability to act on them. Now, not only have reservations increased by 25% thanks to this feature, online ordering has also increased by 70%.

“Since WOWAPPS is commission free, we have paid $0 on those bookings/orders!”, says Antonio. Think of how much that would have cost with another provider…hundreds? More like thousands!

Since all of their bookings/orders are recorded online and passed through a reliable system to the restaurant, Antonio also achieved his goal for staff to spend less time on the phone. This has been helpful to the business by allowing staff more time to serve customers and focus on other areas of the business.

Real talk: does your business need a revival? Just like Antonio and Vitalia, with WOWAPPS you can get more business, without paying an arm and leg. 

If that sounds like music to your ears, it’s time to make the best decision for your venue and find out how you can improve your bookings, revenue and savings: