June 30, 2021  

Marie and the team at The Stone Mill 347. Took back control of their bookings & stopped paying for customers!

The Stone Mill 347 in Brunswick East is a charming trattoria that serves rustic Southern Italian food and wine. Combining a cosy ambience with warm service, and fantastic fresh, seasonal ingredients, it’s the kind of place customers prefer to dine in.

You would imagine they don’t have many issues getting bookings, but COVID-19 has meant almost every venue has faced some level of restrictions in trying to keep up ‘business as usual’.

For Marie Santa Maria, owner of The Stone Mill 347, the answer was easier than you might expect.  

She knew it was essential to take advantage of a system that helped leverage The Stone Mill 347’s great dining in experience, and MAXIMISE bookings through a TRUSTED PARTNER.

Unlike other venues who use booking systems that charge them for each and every customer booking, Marie found a better solution with WOWAPPS

How Did WOWAPPS Help?

-Marie was able to easily adjust venue bookings within minutes

-She could quickly respond to any new dining restrictions and keep customers in the loop, informing them of any changes instantly

-The zero cost on bookings has saved her small business valuable funds that can be used elsewhere

Why Does A Booking System Matter?

WOWAPPS runs through Google, so you can have it linked with your website too

Most customers won’t wait to call during specific openings time and instead want to use a simple, quick, reliable system

You might have your own internal booking system on your website now, but imagine you’re a customer – it’s way easier for them to use one central, trusted provider for all their bookings. Make their life easier, not harder and get their business!

WOWAPPS is changing the game for Australian venues seeking a more cost-effective, ZERO fee approach solution

Your venue could be next. There’s no need to wait any longer to take back control of your bookings with a fee free option that prioritises your venue needs.

We changed to WOWAPPS not only because of the savings for our small business, but also because of the easy to navigate system and customer service – someone was always there to assist us in uncertain times.”

- Marie Santa Maria, owner of The Stone Mill 347