The Four Factors

Written By Foodie Coaches

Making minor tweaks can have a considerable impact on your average customer spend.

I also talked about why these tiny tweaks are where we want to look as venue owners.

They’re the low-hanging fruit that we often miss. Yet, they’re also the things that can have the most significant impacts on our bottom lines.

Now, let’s get a little more practical with this blog.

To start with, there are four factors affecting our average customer spend that we can tweak:

  1. Our ideas
  2. Our staff
  3. Our menus
  4. Our marketing

All these factors have a part to play in increasing average spend at our venues.

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Our Ideas

Our ideas lead us to the targets we set and the methods we use to generate revenue at our venues. The key to our ideas is that they need focus. We need to keep bringing our minds back to these ideas. As importantly, we also need to get our people’s minds focused on our main ideas. That leads nicely into our second factor...

Our Staff

Our staff needs the right training and they need to understand the menu inside and out. That understanding is going to help them serve the needs of our customers better than ever. But most importantly, our staff need to be happy and confident because happy staff make more money for us.


This is where we look at grouping and how we attract customers’ eyes towards the things we want them to order. This is all about understanding the psychology of how people buy and how we can leverage that in our menu designs.


This is all about reminding people that we exist and that we sell something they want. It covers the branding around our venues, what we stand for, and how we incentivize people.

These four factors each play a role in increasing our average customer spend.

So, what factor do you need to focus on?

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