Table Ordering: Game-Changer Or “Just A Given” For Modern Hospitality Venues?

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By Chief Commission Slayer, Shea Irwin
September 28, 2022

When table ordering first emerged onto the hospitality scene, some thought it was a gimmick. ‘Flashy’ new technology that wouldn’t last. Fast-forward to today, and just about every venue you walk into has a QR code laminated on top of the table.

This widespread uptake shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, when you consider the range of benefits table ordering offers your venue, such as:

  • Higher average order values

Thanks to frictionless ordering and upsells at the click of a button, QR table orders are around 30% higher than those placed face-to-face!

  • Reduce pressure on staff

Table ordering reduces the workload on staff, making it quick and easy to seat diners and get them to place orders.

  • A better customer experience

Customers appreciate the convenience and speed of table ordering, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

  • Fewer costs

Table ordering can save money on staff costs, plus there’s no need to print new menus when you make seasonal changes.

  • Access to customer data

Table ordering requires customers to set up an account… which gives you access to invaluable information you can leverage to market to your customers and boost repeat sales.

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It’s clear that table ordering can be a fantastic addition to your business – and if you’re not using it, you are missing out (if you don’t have table ordering you can get started here).

But as more and more of your competitors switch to a QR code ordering system, is table ordering by itself enough to stay ahead of the curve?

The Harsh Truth About Table Ordering

In today’s competitive landscape, table ordering is a far cry from the ‘silver bullet’ many venue owners hope it will be. As great as it is for customers, and as helpful as it is for staff, table ordering can’t do everything for you.

Having QR codes will give customers a seamless experience when they’re seated – but it won’t get them through the doors in the first place. It also won’t guarantee they’ll come back again. Nor will it ensure they recommend your venue to friends and family.

Put simply, table ordering is an important ingredient in the success of your business – but it’s just one ingredient. You need an entire recipe of tools and features for your business, with everything working together in harmony. A sophisticated system that lowers costs, increases profits, attracts more customers and makes life easier for your staff.

Where can you find such a system? Glad you asked!

Introducing The All-In-One Solution That Makes Life Easy For Venue Owners

There’s no single answer to combat rising operating costs and labour shortages – because multi-faceted problems demand multi-faceted solutions. And that is precisely what WOWAPPS is designed for.

We’ve helped thousands of hospitality venues run more efficient, profitable venues with our all-in-one digital solution. We found that the most successful venues typically ask for a combination of the same features to support the positive impact of table ordering:

  • Commission-free online reservations (both through Google, your website and social media)
  • Control over customer data to run targeted marketing campaigns and turn one-off diners into loyal customers
  • Mobile apps that empower your employees and make life easier for your team
  • E-gift cards to add another revenue stream to your business
  • Easy integration with Square, Kounta, and other POS systems so you can keep track of all orders in place

There’s nothing worse than having to pay several different subscriptions just to gain access to a handful of apps that only do one thing each… so we created a single offering that provides every one of these features under one roof. An end-to-end system that attracts new customers into your business, enables them to spend more with less friction, and gives them a better dining experience so they turn into repeat customers.

That means you, as a venue owner, can access EVERYTHING you need to run a successful venue that has customers coming back in droves, in the same place. You won’t have to waste time juggling an ever-growing list of software as you go from one shiny object to the next. You’ll have a slick machine that has compounding benefits over time as you attract more customers, grow your reputation and serve more loyal returning diners.

Want To Get Started? Here’s How…

WOWAPPS is an all-in-one toolset for the modern hospitality business – so it makes sense that we have an all-in-one pricing structure. Unlike our competitors, we pride ourselves on offering access to every feature WITHOUT having to pay hidden fees or sky-high commissions. Plus, we offer an unbeatable guarantee, which promises that you’ll get more customers, ordering more, more often when you switch to WOWAPPS.

If you’d like to get started or find out more information, then get in touch for a FREE audit of your venue. We’ll take a closer look at your current setup and reveal how you can streamline operations, reduce costs and increase profitability.

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