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Updated October 4, 2023
Author wowadmin

In the highly competitive world of hospitality, it's crucial for restaurants to leverage online tools to increase bookings and maintain a steady flow of customers. Implementing the Reserve with Google Button and optimising your Google Business Page are key strategies to help your restaurant stand out in a competitive market.

Adapting to Customer Preferences: The Shift to Online Reservations

Recent industry research shows that online reservations have become the preferred method for diners. Restaurants offering this option see up to +30% more bookings compared to those without. Additionally, as a result of increased reservations, these restaurants experience a +20% increase in table turnover. With the majority of customers searching for dining options on Google, even just to find a phone number. Having a strong online presence is essential. Providing multiple booking channels, including the Google Reservation Button, attracts more customers and caters to their preferences.

Mastering the Google Reservation Button for Increased Bookings

The Reserve with Google Button is a powerful tool that allows customers to book a table at your restaurant directly from Google Search or Google Maps. This feature's prominent placement on search results makes it even more effective for driving reservations. Restaurants adopting the Google Reservation Button have seen an average increase in reservations of around a third, ultimately boosting their bottom line.

A Digital Transformation: Harnessing the Power of the Google Reservation Button in Restaurants

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Offering a User-Friendly Booking Experience: The Google Reservation Button

The Reserve with Google Button offers key advantages for both restaurants and customers. For restaurants, it improves visibility on Google platforms, streamlines the booking experience for diners, and seamlessly integrates with other Google services. By prominently featuring your booking option on Google Search and Maps, you can attract more customers and increase reservations. For customers, the Reserve with Google Button offers a convenient, fast booking process, taking less than 80 seconds. Instant booking confirmation and the ability to book outside operating hours enhance their experience. The integration with Google Maps and Google My Business allows customers to access crucial restaurant information while making a reservation. Since customers are already searching for your restaurant on Google, providing the option to book directly from search results creates a user-friendly experience that can lead to more bookings and greater customer satisfaction.

Simplifying the Booking Process for Your Customers with the Google Reservation Button

The best way to incorporate the Reserve with Google Button into your operations is to partner with a Google reservations provider like WOWAPPS. This collaboration simplifies the setup and management of bookings while offering various features to assist your staff and customers

  • Automated booking confirmations
  • Real-time notifications
  • Centralised reservation management
  • Table management tools

These features also help improve the customer experience by offering advantages such as instant confirmation and access to real-time availability. By implementing these features, restaurants can create a more seamless and efficient booking process that caters to both the restaurant and its customers.

Testimonial: A Success Story with WOWAPPS and the Google Reservation Button

Firehouse Grill, needed a cost-effective solution for managing bookings while maximising the benefits of Reserve with Google. After switching booking providers, they were able to save between $300 - $400 a week on average and found the booking and management process easier than ever for their team.

Hear directly from NEIL, OWNER - FIREHOUSE GRILL


The Reserve with Google Button and an optimised Google Business Page are essential tools for restaurant success. By harnessing these tools and partnering with a trusted provider like WOWAPPS, you can improve the customer experience, increase reservations, and grow your business. 

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