Sell Events & Bookings Faster

By Chief Commission Slayer, Shea Irwin
April 23, 2024

You can now brand your online booking widget for special events like Mothers Day.

Here’s a sneak peek at what it looks like…

We also support event specific links and timing

Below is an example of what a Mothers Day event could look like.

Paste event URLs directly onto your website or anywhere else you want to advertise.

WOWAPPS supports payments, pre-auth's as well as many other customisability options. 

There's so much you can do with WOWAPPS

- Add descriptions to events/preferences

- Add images to events/preferences

- Add payments to events

- Add your restaurant logo

- Add a background image

-And So, much more

Here's what it looks like when you customize everything...



Selling events, tickets, seats is easy with WOWAPPS

1. Activate this new feature for your account by contacting us (you need start a commission-free subscription of us to give you access

2. See the new tab option in the Bookings set-up area

3. Start selling events within 5 minutes of activation

Here are 5 reasons why to do this...

  1. Receive more bookings for public holidays and events
  2. Build excitement by displaying special menu items only available on a specific day
  3. Stay on brand with colours, font and images that align with your business
  4. Create a better customer experience and build excitement before people even arrive at your venue
  5. Stand out from other venues and become the ‘go-to’ for special events and important days on the calendar

That's it! We are constantly innovating and making our product better every single weekAnd it's thanks to you, our customers.

This is what motivates me and the team to push even harder. 

If you need any help using the feature or have any questions, feel free to jump on a call with the team. I'd love to listen or help you out. 


Shea Irwin - WOWAPPS


Chief Commission Slayer, Shea Irwin