July 6, 2021  

What’s better than a pierogi? Not much for Adam and Fiona Veikkanen Polo Restaurant customers. In fact, locals queue up to get their hands on this delicious dumpling from their Polish eatery in Canberra. 

These owners still wanted to broaden their customer base and drive more sales for their venue, and after the start of COVID-19 (a familiar story for many Australian establishments), they were open to options that really worked.

After hearing about WOWAPPS through the Australian Good Food Guide, and particularly wowed (see what we did there?) by their zero commissions policy, it made sense for Adam and Fiona to try this for Polo Restaurant. 

"customers are really appreciating the ease of ordering online. Even during a pandemic, we’ve been able to keep our neighbourhood nourished”

- Fiona Veikkanen,  Owner -  Polo Restaurant

They went live with the service in March 2020 and couldn’t believe the changes that took place; perhaps the most impressive being that in recent weeks a huge 94% of Polo’s cashflow came from online ordering.

They have found the easiest part to be the “Order with Google” functionality, which allows their customers to order simply without fuss or hassle directly from the venue webpage. After all, happy customers = happy life (that’s how the saying goes, right?).

It’s no surprise that after these HUGE results, they now use WOWAPPS to help secure and manage bookings too.

It just makes sense to have one hard working system in place that does it all, and with a money back guarantee, there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Did You Know?

WOWAPPS Offers 'Smart Reviews?' Smart Reviews will not only ask for feedback after a customer orders/dines; but will also try to filter the bad reviews so they never end up on your review sites.