Commission-free Ordering By Google

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By Chief Commission Slayer, Shea Irwin
March 8, 2021

What is Order with Google?

Food has never been faster, thanks to Google and its online order functionality.

Order with Google is a new simple way for customers to get food from their favourite restaurants, cafes and takeaway eateries. The service allows customers searching for eateries by name, or locality to directly order their food in a mere few clicks.

This feature not only works via Google Search but can also be done through Maps or the Google Voice Assistant. Simply, by saying ‘Hey Google, order from (restaurant name)’, the assistant can make the order for them through a few simple prompts.

Google also remembers past orders, simplifying the process even further. If the customer asks their voice assistant to order a previous meal, then all orders made in the past will appear on the screen, ready to select. 

Much like the Reserve with Google feature, an ‘Order Takeaway’ or ‘Order Online’ button will appear in the search results and in a few simple clicks, the order is made. 

Not only that, thanks to Google Pay, the customer can sort out payment for their pickup or delivery instantly. Another great feature of ordering with Google is it provides delivery and pick-up times, so customers know exactly when their food is coming.

The demand for takeaway and delivery orders has increased substantially in light of the pandemic. From March to August in 2020, the percentage of food delivery increased from 172% to a staggering 451%. Old habits die hard, so even when things return to some normality, the majority of people will have become accustomed to this method of ordering food. 

Order with Google also provides analytics via your business profile. Simply go to the analytics section of your account and there will be a breakdown of orders, which have been made via the OWG button.  

Why are Order with Google and WOWAPPS better?

What this means for restaurants is customers will see their business when they use the search engine to find nearby places to instantly order, or get takeaway from, commission-free!

Those businesses aware of the Order with Google functionality know that it is the companies, which take commission that have had domain of this feature in the past. 

When a customer goes to order using Order with Google, the service provider of the system takes a hefty fee to allow the order transaction to take place. This is a customer who the venue already was going to get an order from; however, the provider has stepped in and taken a piece of the pie.

No more with WOWAPPS and the Order with Google partnership.

It’s important to remember that the majority of customers prefer to order online, the days of placing an order over the phone are very much in decline. Providing the ability to order online, especially via multiple avenues such as Google, results in higher earnings and massive savings. Thanks to smartphones and the like, the customer base in this day and age is very much found through the online sphere.

The visibility gained by having your business adopt the OWG button is vital in staying ahead of the game and bringing in those customers. The easier it is for people to do something, the more likely they are to do it. This applies to ordering and Order with Google simplifies this process.

How Order With GooglWorks


Build/Sync Your Menu

Either connect your POS or build your own menu using our order processing tools. Once built, we send your menu to Google the very next day.


Get Noticed

Capitalise on 'Near Me'/direct searches and turn search results into orders.


Get Customers

Once discovered, customers have the options of either selecting:

  • Order ASAP
  • Pre-ordering
  • Delivery

While using a number of payment options including:

  • Pay At Pick-up
  • Credit Card
  • Google Pay

(You choose what options your customer can select)


Order Is Sent

Customer's order is sent to either your POS or our Internal Ordering System. While you receive full customer data.

Having the feature for your business elevates it as a premium service provider, separating it from the rest. Remember, the service is commission-free with WOWAPPS - and this also includes Reserve with Google - the first Australian company to offer this opportunity commission-free.

Get going in 3 easy steps

1. Tell us about your Restaurant

2. Take a Tour

3. Get Going


of new venues grab their first booking via Reserve with Google within 24hrs.


of venues serve up their first Order via Google within the first 48hrs

Make it easy for customers to book or order with you

Commission-free reservations and orders. Powered by Google

"Today's diners start their food journey online, often on Google. We make sure our partnered restaurants are the first they see, ready to take bookings and orders. All of it on one platform, and yes, without any commissions." says Shea, CEO of WOWAPPS.