Commission Free Online Ordering For Your Restaurant Or Cafe

Don't Let Anyone Get Between You and Your Customers

If your business is anything like the hundreds WOWAPPS has already helped, there is a lot of low-lying fruit within reach! We’ll show you how to double - even triple - your average take out sales. 


Zero Commissions

Stop paying for your regulars and losing out on every order.

Easy to Implement & Easy to Change

Most of our establishments are taking orders online within 20 minutes. All changes are instant.

Webpage Ordering

No app needed, have online ordering set up directly on your webpage.

Social Ordering

No app needed, take orders stright from your Facebook Page, Instragram, Google Business...ANYWHERE!

Delivery Options

Offer full delivery menu with estimated delivery times.

Set Your Own Times

Every order* you state what the pick-up/delivery times will be.

Cash & Credit

Make it easy for your customers, have cash and credit card options available.

Advance Marketing

Get to know your customers and when is the best time to send them offers and promotions.

Own Your Data

Get full access to all your customers' data.

Loyalty & Discounts

Multiple loyalty & discount options available to reward your customers and increase their spend.

Get Paid Instantly

No delays. It's all your money.. WOWAPPS holds $0 of all funds.

Full Customer Support

Phone, email, walkthrough tutorials, everything you need to get you set up in under 20 minutes. 

Smart Reviews

(Coming Mid Jan)

Get customers' reviews and have the positive reviews posted to all your social channels.


Pre-ordering system to take orders while you sleep. Just call it your 24 hr salesman.


Contact us for more information, POS integration available. 

How The WOWAPPS Ordering System Gives You an Unfair Advantage

How our restaurant ordering app gets you more customers, Spending More , More often

A customer orders from your own Website, Social Page, Google...ANYWHERE!

By being able to set your own pick-up and delivery times. You're able to give the best customer experience.

Your customer will have no choice to later download your own loyalty app (for even faster ordering next time.)

Using WOWAPPS advance marketing tools, you will be able to reach out to your customers, 100% of the time. Not spending an extra $1 on marketing.

Break Free From The Norm

WOWAPPS is a secure online ordering platform which enables you to sell online via your own website, socials and app. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be rolled out quickly for a single restaurant or cafe - or customised as a fully-branded, enterprise-level solution for franchises and multi-site locations.

You’ll get an affordable online ordering solution that will instantly improve the customer experience, while giving you the ability to define your brand online, build a database for future marketing and keep more profits.

Get in touch today to get started!

Stop Paying To Contact Your Regulars

Commission Free Online Ordering For Your Restaurant Or Cafe 

We realise it’s easy to just outsource your online ordering to a third party. It doesn’t require any work at all from you. That’s great right? No!

Have you considered what it really costs? Those commission fees really add up over time and you don’t have a way to directly reach YOUR CUSTOMERS.

70% of customers would prefer to order directly from restaurants, not through third-party online ordering platforms. Use this to your advantage. Run website ordering in your restaurants, avoid paying high commissions and earn more.


Run Promotions Whenever You Want

Instantly reach out to customers and send offers that are personalised.

Select a group that loves your desserts and shoot an incentive right to their phones - for free! How? Because you own your customer information and NO ONE ELSE has access to it. 

No more losing hard-earned customers to competitors.

Your customers appreciate direct access to you and come back again and again to use the discount coupons and combos you send tailored exactly to their interests.

Increase Customer Loyalty

The WOWAPPS system gives you a fully integrated loyalty program so you can incentivise your customers to keep coming back for more. It’s all automated, so you’ll never need to collect stamps or deal with hole-punching loyalty cards again.

Loyal customers will place more orders and visit your restaurant more often.

Want to make your profits blow up? This is how it’s done.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You set the hours the system is open to take orders and it does it perfectly every time. No smoke breaks or sick days. Ever.

But the benefits go way beyond accuracy and up-time.

You’ll get detailed product sales reports so you can see what items are trending. Not only does this help you keep your inventory stocked and your accounting books straight, you can use this information to retarget similar customers. Ka-ching!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I offer delivery?

Does your system integrate with my POS?

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Does the system take payments?

Can I up-sell?

Can I control my pick-up and delivery times?

Who owns the data?

What devices do I require to run WOWAPPS?

How long does set up take?

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