Order with Google

Harness the power of Google and increase your sale - Commision Free - Full Customer Data Provided

Get More Orders From Location Base And Near Me Searches.

Customers can now order directly from your venue within Google Maps, or even place a voice order using the Google Assistant. You can even have the order sent directly to your POS . 

More Customers

Capitalise on 'Near Me' searches and turn search results into orders.

Frictionless Journey

Order with Google provides your guests a fast and reliable booking experience.

Commission Free

Stop letting third-parties take a cut of your business? Take bookings directly at no extra cost.

How Does Order With Google


Search (Get Discovered)

In Google Search, customers simply tye or speak (using Google Assistant) what food they're in the mood for. Where they will see 'Takeaway' buttons taking them to your ordering screen.


Your menu will be presented to your customers. Customers can make their selections with just a few taps, view delivery or pickup times, and check out with Google Pay or Pay At Pick-Up Options.

Order Received

The customers Google order is sent directly to participating POS systems or directly to any Computer/Tablet of your choice. 

Order Fulfillment

The order if fulfilled with full order details provided for you to use in remarketing campaigns. 

Made in Australia based on the features you want.

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Is this another platform I need to Update?

No. Google Ordering mirrors your existing WOWAPPS/POS settings. All changes you make in WOWAPPS will reflect in GOOGLE 

How Quickly Do Changes Appear On Google?

Most changes such as turning off individual items happen instantly. 

Do I Need To Have Google Pay Active?

No. If you wish, you can accept 'Pay at Pick-Up' orders.

Who Owns The Data?

That's the best part... You do. Get full email and phone numbers of your customers that you can then use in future marketing campaigns?

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