Online Ordering FAQS

Features at a glance

  • No commission paid on orders
  • Full menu control
  • Instant updates
  • Cash/Credit Card Payment
  • App, mobile, desktop versions available
  • Ability to install on any social media page and your Google business listing page for quick access
  • Delivery capabilities - delivery fee per suburb if required
  • Full control of your funds
  • Choose when you get paid
  • Specify operating hours for individual orders
  • Offer customers the choice of dine-in/pick-up/delivery
  • State the estimated preparation time for online orders
  • Know what your members are ordering and re-target them through your app
  • Charge for extras, such as toppings or fillings
  • No point of sale system is required
  • Receive backup orders to your email account
  • Detailed statistics including daily sales totals and more

Online Ordering FAQs

Are there any additional costs?

We hate hidden charges as much as you. So here it is…STRAIGHT UP.

For early adopters, once set up, the only additional costs involved is when your customer pays by credit card. These costs are payable to Stripe and come at 1.75%+ 30c fee per transaction. If a customer was to order a $3.50 coffee, the Stripe fee on this would be 36c.

As a business, WOWAPPS does give you the option to either charge these costs onto the customer at checkout or you can wear these costs.

There is also an additional 20c fee when you choose to deposit your funds from your Stripe account to your nominated bank account. Please see the section labelled ‘Stripe’ to find out more.

Do you offer multiple payment options?

Yes! Customers are giving the option to:
Pay at the counter
Pay via credit card
Pay using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You, as the establishment, can also choose to have ‘pay at the counter’ as an option or remove it completely.

What device can I use to order?

Online Ordering will be available across:
Mobile Websites
Social Media Pages
Google My Business Page

A desktop version will also be available, but for a first class experience and the ability to re-target and maximise profits, we recommend you push your mobile app.

What is Stripe?

Unlike most Online Ordering systems, WOWAPPS never sees/handles your money. Payments are taken through a 3rd party provider called Stripe. In fact, part of the setup process is setting up your own Stripe account. This is a very easy process and only benefits you (the establishment) more, as you now have full control over your funds. In your Stripe account you can choose when your funds get deposited into your bank account (this can be done automatically or manually, daily, weekly or anything in between.) Also, handle those dreaded refunds with ease with just a push of a button in your HQ. To find out more, visit

Do you offer a delivery option?

The first version of the Online Ordering system will offer a simple delivery option for those who have their own delivery team. Simplistically, you will list all the suburbs you deliver to and the surcharge applicable to those areas.

Easily turn delivery on and off at any time.

How do I change my menu?

Like the rest of the WOWAPPS system, any updates you make will instantly become live. In just a click, you can change menu pricing, add new items or turn off individual items should you run out during service.

Will there be Analytics?

Analytics will be available from the get-go and more comprehensive reports will become available as the system develops. We recommend pushing Online Ordering through your WOWAPPS App, that way you can see what each individual customer is ordering and re-target that customer should you offer a special on that product.

How can I upsell?

All products come with an option to add modifiers (extras), this is where you can add the extra shots, sizes or sides, depending on your establishment.

How do pick up times work?

Once an order is placed, you will have three (3) minutes to take action (accept/decline the order.) If accepted, you're then prompted to specify how long it will take to make the order. That time is then sent back to the customer with an ETA pick up time.

Can I see a beta preview?

To see a basic menu mock-up to give you an idea, click here

Can I add a PH Surcharge?

The first version of the Online Ordering system gives you an easy option to state what the surcharge is (%) and switch on the surcharge that will be applied to the whole menu.

Can I adjust Order Times and Pick-up Times?

When an order comes in, you will be notified via the Managers App. You will have three (3) minutes to either accept or decline the order.

  • Accepting the order: Once accepted, you will then be asked to state on a sliding scale how long the order will take to make before pick-up (in 5-minute intervals).
  • Declining the order: You will be given an option to state why the order is declined, where the guest will be notified either by push notification (if using your app) or email (if the order has come from your website).
  • Additional Info:
    • Once set up, WOWAPPS can change the default three (3) minute window and default your sliding scale to a set time. Your sliding scale will never default to what the previous order time was.
    • If an order was pre-paid and then declined, refunds will automatically happen.
    • Within the three minute window, your device will play a continues sound, notifying you that there is a new order.

How do I receive the order?

A WOWAPPS Manager app is currently under construction. When live, the app will be installed on a device of your choosing (you can have the app installed on multiple devices at any giving time). You will then be notified of the order by sound (if the app is open… recommended), push notification and email (optional).

Will you integrate into my existing POS?

Integrations to your current POS system will happen as demand calls for it. If you would like the system to be integrated into your POS system right away this will come at an additional cost. Please email WOWAPPS to find out more.

Do you offer a printing solution?

We do endeavour to have a printing solution available to you at the time of release. This will come at an additional cost. While we assume that any Bluetooth docket printer will work, WOWAPPS will suggest recommendations. Please check back later for an update.

Do you support multiple kitchens and menus?

Each WOWAPPS subscription comes with one Online Ordering widget. If you have a second kitchen that would like their own ordering system an additional subscription will need to be taken out. Your app, however, has the ability to connect to multiple widgets. Please contact WOWAPPS to find out more

How do I get the new WOWAPPS Managers App?

This will need to be downloaded onto a device to receive orders. Additional information on this will be available soon. When using the WOWAPPS booking widget, notifications of the booking will come through this app also

Can I state my menu times?

You have the ability to set as many menus as you like and creatively call them whatever your heart desires. Times will also be added to these menus individually. Giving you the option to display a breakfast menu at breakfast and not display it at dinner.

How do declining orders work??

Like the booking widget, declining an order will inform the customer that their order could not be compleated and the establishment will also have the opportunity to put a reason why. A refund will automatically be processed to the customer's credit card (If they paid by this method)

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