3 Easy Steps To Get You Started

Before you get caught up in any of the amazing features of WOWAPPS. You need to generate downloads, for two reasons. First, being you need an audience to enjoy the features. The 2nd, take the guesswork out of guessing what your customers may want, get your audience and have them decide for you

Download Your PR-KIT

In the Recourses section of your CRM, you will find a full Pr-Kit where you can generate, download and display all over your establishment, counter and social media platforms.

Launch Your First Reward

Everyone loves to be rewarded. Be it importing your current traditional punch card or providing an incentive for your customers to download your app, the choice is yours. The trick here is the reward can be anything (ask your customers, what it would take) as the more downloads you get, the better you can start reaping the rewards later...


To help you get started, WOWAPPS will create a free personalised video for you. That you can use to upload to all of your social media channels. All you need to do is get 20 members. As soon as you get 20 members, email support@wowapps.com

Your Staff Are Your Sales Agents


Every contact your staff has with your guests should be suggesting to download your app. The set up of your app is easy. Getting it in the hands of your guests is where the fun is at

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