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Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%... easy when you connect the way today's customers want to connect.

The Benefits of WOWAPPS

Today's customers want more! More personalisation, more options, more contact, more response and more control. Satisfying their expectations is made easy with our commission free digital solutions

Online Bookings

Automatically accept, deny or coordinate bookings from your:Website, Socials, Google Business page and your own Mobile App.

Online Ordering

Provide your customers with the quickest and easiest online ordering platform available.

Table Ordering

Tap- Order - Pay... Straight from your customers own smart phone.

Simple, fast and fun. Ditch the buzzers and enjoy labour efficiencies with no additional hardware costs.


Want to boost your sales by 50-75%?Customers convert and spend more time and money with the brands they're loyal to.


Simple, easy and impactful. A great way of retaining existing customers. As well as gaining new ones.

Advance Analytics

Put your data to work and target the right customers with the right products


Acquisition is your offence while retention is your defence!

Automate Customer Acquisition

We make it easy for your customer to find and buy from you

Understand Customer Habits

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Intelligent Marketing for better retargeting and Retention

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What People Say About WOWAPPS

All'Antica Pizzeria

*customer service second to none, amazing…. even after hours :)

WOWAPPS is an awesome step for any business that don’t as yet have their own APP. Very easy to use dashboard – uploading and making changes. And customer service second to none, amazing…. Even after hours :)

Helen McNally Owner

Whisky Business

We originally were looking for an alternative to the extremely expensive uber eats, menu log etc... Which we saw no value in implementing. We were setup for counter service only and with wowapps were excited to be able to offer at table ordering without needing to put on additional staff to offer table service. This has helped us with our customers that found it difficult to leave thier table to come up to the counter to order. This includes, customers with disabilities, customers with small children , customers who bring along their dogs, or even customers who just do t feel like standing in a queue to wait to order.

The support offered by wowapps is second to none, with the team always prompt and keen to offer help when things aren't working quite right, and also taking the time to explain what is happening.

Ben + Kylie Rhodes Owners

Ramen Ichibandori

The good thing is we actually got more customers after setting booking system

Tomo Matsuya Owner

WOWAPPS Bookings

  • Available on any website 
  • Instant Confirmation and Request Mode Available 
  • SMS reminders 
  • Table Management 
  • Smart Review
  • Access to full customer data

WOWAPPS Ordering

  • Available on all Social and Webpages
  • Full Access to Customer Data
  • Own Mobile App
  • Delivery Options Avaliable
  • POS Integrations 
  • Instant Changes

WOWAPPS Table Ordering (TOP)

  • No Expensive Hardware 
  • Full Access to Customer Data
  • Own Mobile App
  • Replace the annoying buzzers
  • POS Integrations 
  • Instant Changes


  • Very Own Mobil App
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • VIP Sections
  • Digital Coffee Cards
  • VIP Messaging 

WOWAPPS Vouchers

  • Unlimited Vouchers
  • No extra fees
  • redeemable online and in-store
  • Available on any Website 

WOWAPPS Analytics

  • See booking and ordering habits of your customers 
  • See what your customers respond to and suggestive ideas on what to send
  • Full demographics of all your customers
  • Know where your customers are and when to respond

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Can You Put Example Questions Here?

What are the most common questions about your course?

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