May 9, 2021  

Customising Bookings/Ordering and Gift Card Emails

Hold your hats...this is big.

Why you ask?

Because this means you can now customise emails that go out to your customers to make it look and feel like you have written it yourself.

Edit everything from:

The email greeting

The Email Signoff

And even a special message to your customers.

Have your emails go from


To this...

Email customisation can be found in the notifications area within the 'My Account' tab.

New Customer 'Thank You Emails'

To go with the above, you can now create a Booking and/or Order thank you emails which will be sent out to your customers automatically. 

Now, we have only called them a Thank You email to remind you that it happens after an event…so you can use those emails just for that.

Or you could get a little creative and make them into a review email.

Once Activated:

Booking thank you emails will be sent 1 hour after the ‘average seating time’ of the booking. 

Ordering thank you emails will be sent 1 hour after the order completion time and only to the same user once every 30 days. (Yes, we have thought about those daily caffeine addicts).

Thank You emails can be found in the notifications area within the 'My Account' tab.

Booking Requirements

This has been on the list for some time and I have been eagerly awaiting for the perfect time to release this feature.

Booking Requirements -  think of these like Modifiers for Bookings. 

Use this feature to get extra information from your booking so you can offer the best experience

Ideas that come to mind are:

Special occasions, dietary requirements, request seating area...whatever you like. You can even put restrictions around these items and have as many as you like. 

Booking Requirements can be found in the Booking Requirements tab in the Booking Section 

SMS for Ordering

This one has been a long time coming. WOWAPPS now gives users the ability to opt into sending SMS messaging based on certain milestones. Just like bookings, you must purchase SMS credit first before activating this feature.

SMS for orders can be found in the SMS area within the 'My Account' tab.


I feel we saved the best for last here!

Introducing Promotions for the Ordering Widget! Working similar to a discount, Promotions are front facing and they also get featured on Google.

Promotions are great to offer and get extra spend out of a customer. 

For example, you might make a promotion where if the customer spends $50 they will get 15% off. 

When a customer hits your widget, they will have no idea of the promotion. So they go about their business and start to put in an order that ends up only being $40. They hit checkout and…


They see a great offer mentioning if they spend $50 they will get 15% off…Yes Please!!

This feature is set up to encourage customers to spend more with you.

Have a quick look what it looks like on Google

Promotions can be found within the discount tab in the Ordering section of the system.

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That’s it, 

And as always-- we love hearing your comments, thoughts and feedback, as well as seeing how you're going to use these new features. 

In this update in particular, we would like to thank:

Steve Agi and Bill Arya from The Mipasto Group

Vince Estacio from Naim Restaurant

And Leisha Novy from Ally Chow

For their suggestions and comments bringing these features to life…