There are more phones in Australian homes than toothbrushes. Either we really love our phones or…well, that’s just sad.

Do you want to be the floss of your customer’s world (ugh)...or the candy?

Customise What You Need, Automate Everything Else.

Get more than just an ordering app. A WOWAPPS app is for any business. You wouldn't let someone tell you how to run it, so why should you be restricted in how you use your app?

We've spent more than $1 million to give you an app that is truly worth telling the world about. Make as many changes as you want. Display as much content as you want. Don't like what's there? You can change it, any time...instantly. It's all updates, automated's all yours.

There's An App For That

We have tools that help you take guest experiences to a whole different level. It all starts with a powerful branded app that you control.

From personalised notifications to sophisticated marketing, WOWAPPS makes outstanding service look easy.


Unlimited Customisations

Your app can change as often as your specials and all changes will be made live, instantly.

Easy to Implement

Build your app directly from Facebook and have it live on your customers' phones, minutes after.

Real Time Updates

No waiting on third parties to approve updates. Your app works with you, not against you.  

No coding Needed

You don't need a coder to build your app. Just know how to copy and paste.   

Advance Loyalty

Loyalty options to suit your business, not ours. 

VIP Areas

Lock down areas of your app that only the most loyal customers can access. 

Smart Analytics

Get to know your customers and when is the best time to send them offers and promotions.

No Contracts

We hate contracts as much as you do. Pay month-to-month options available. 

Own Your Data

You have worked hard to get the customer. Have full access to all your customers data to use in any promotion you like.

Connect Everything

Have your own ordering system? Connect that straight into your app. Even connect areas of your app straight to your website.

Full Customer Support

Phone, email, walkthrough tutorials, everything you need to get you set up and going.


Form Lasting Customer Relationships with WOWAPPS

Relationships are a collection of emotional interactions. If you can get every step of your online marketing and orderings process right AND you offer excellent service, you’re on the rocketship to loyal following land. WOWAPPS makes emotional reactions happen with each and every click your customers make...and we do it on autopilot

Make your customers feel special with behaviour-based rewards.

Gamify commitment using membership tiers.

Satisfy expectations by remembering birthdays and other personalised events.

While being spontaneous with surprising activities...

Facebook Likes Are Close To Worthless

Facebook's organic post reach on average is less than 7% of your total audience and it’s no secret that traditional advertising mediums are being consumed less and less.

So how do you go about talking to your customers in a direct and meaningful way that will garner a response, and help shift them from a new customer to a repeat customer? Here is a hint, it's not by having them like more of your Facebook posts.

It's done by asking them part of your 'inner circle' and establishing a direct link that allows you to talk to them - and them with you. The WOWAPPS system lets you segment all arts of the process. For example, for restaurants, this mean you can communicate very differently with vegetarians versus meat lovers (as let's face it, they're two completely different species). 

When Your Marketing Falls In The Woods, Does It Make A Sound If No One Is There?

How are you currently retargeting to your audience? Facebook admits that the best organic reach is only about 7% of your target audience.

What about emails? How are you avoiding spam filters? Or are you risking a $300 a day fine by not adhering to spam legislation? There’s too much risk and waste in these techniques.

But what if we told you there is a better way - a way that gets responses up to 400 X better? With the WOWAPPS easy-to-use push message tool, you can create, schedule and send push messages directly to your customers - for free! No Facebook ad buys or Government regulators reviewing your emails. 

Turn Your Hard-earned Sales Into Repeat Customers

Why make an effort to get new customers if they only stop by once? You need to be able to reach every one of them after they leave your business. If you don’t have their contact info, how will you even know who your customers are?

WOWAPPS will help you compete with (and run circles around) the big chains, while creating a highly-loyal customer base.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what matters most. You don’t want to spend your life chasing potential customers. You want to keep every customer you ever get - and have them come back all the time!

Don't Believe Us?

A recent study noted that 63% of customers say they will adjust their spending behaviours in order to maximise loyalty benefits.

From personalised notifications to sophisticated marketing, WOWAPPS makes outstanding service look easy.


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