September 8, 2020  

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Not only do restaurants have to post on Instagram to grab their customers’ attention, you also need to post Insta stories if you really want a slice of the action.

In these times when most of us spend so much of our day on our phones and social media, you need to be reaching your customers where they are going to see you first.

Instagram stories have slowly but surely gained traction and people scroll through them even more often than they would scroll through their news feed. What that means for you is you have to be present in stories as well as posts.

Here’s how:

Include Customers In Your Instagram Stories

Share Insta stories that feature your customers looking excited and happy. These images are some of the best restaurant reviews you can get, plus they make other customers want to visit your restaurant, so they can have fun too.

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Conduct voting polls:

Don’t just use Instagram stories to feature customers, you can also engage them by asking them to vote on their favourite dish, or what they would like to see you add to the menu.

This not only gives you engagement, but also direct feedback which you can use to see what dishes work and perfect your menu.

Feature a promotion which redirects customers to your page:

Instagram pages which don’t have more than 10,000 followers can’t use the ‘swipe up’ feature that allows them to send visitors to a desired destination. So, if you want to advertise discounts and promotions on stories, try this:

Create a nice image featuring your promotion and an arrow pointing to an unoccupied space on the photo. You can create one in Canva by using the Instagram stories template, it’s really easy.

Upload the image to your story and add a mention of your page so that the arrow points to it.

Make it as visible and clickable as possible and post the story, giving customers the chance to click on it and be redirected to your page, where they can see your ‘order online’ link.

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Add an order sticker to your stories:

Instagram has an order sticker that restaurants can use in their stories to redirect customers to their web site, where they can place an order. Customers can also share the story to their Insta profile to spread the word.

To add the sticker, choose an image and go to the top right corner of the screen, where you can find all the stickers and select the ‘order’ one.

Organise giveaways and contests:

A great idea for holidays and special events, you can organise a contest or giveaway exclusive to Instagram to get more traffic and followers to your page.

For example, for the NRL or AFL grand final promote a contest where people have to tag your restaurant with their favourite player using a hashtag and the user who gets the most likes on their post wins a bucket of chicken wings home delivered.

Partner with influencers:

Restaurant influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business on social media. Instagram is the place to be when it comes to food influencers, they can promote your dishes and expose them to all their followers.

Nothing attracts customers more than a delicious looking meal, so use Instagram to market your restaurant as a major part of your social media marketing and gain more customers, coming back more often, spending more money!