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Increasing Your Average Customer Spend

Written By Foodie Coaches

Increasing average customer spend, even if it’s by seemingly small amounts, is a key difference between profitable venues and those just keeping their heads above water

 Every dollar that you add to an order can have a serious impact on your overall performance.

But what goes into increasing the average customer spend?

There are four crucial components that you should focus on here.

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1 - You

The first component is you.

After all, you’re the leader of your business, so you run the whole ship. Your role in increasing the average customer spend is critical, and it encompasses a few major things that you do.

You’re the one that’s supposed to set the ideas, targets, and methods that your staff will use. Most importantly, your job is to create focus and ensure that your staff maintains it.

This leads me to the second factor.

2 - Your Staff

It goes without saying that they need proper training to work their magic and perform at their best. They also need to understand the menu and have the necessary confidence. Finally, they should be truly happy to do their job and keep supporting your growth.

3 - Your Menu

The third important factor is your menu.

As I explained in some of my previous emails, the menu hides outstanding opportunities for boosting the average customer spend. Understanding the psychology of buying and designing your menu can propel your bottom line.

4 - Your Marketing

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is your marketing.

This is where you’re reminding people of your business and incentivising them to keep buying. You can do this in many different ways, with your branding being the focal point.

These four parts must work together if you want to maximise your bottom line through a higher average customer spend. If you bring them together, the synergy can ensure a thriving business going forward.

Remember that you get to influence how much people spend with you. So, take control of it.

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