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Before we start, it is always best to watch our ‘Get Started Video’ Here




Below is a quick snapshot of the ordering page look below the image for information relating to the corresponding number

1 – Activate your online ordering


2 – Announcement Text – This is an area where you can put special terms and conditions and have your customer acknowledge this before starting the ordering process

3 – Estimated Times. When you accept an order in bump bar, you are asked to state an est pick-up time. This time depends on your preferences will be sent back to the customer. The idea of the ‘dot’ here is to mark the spot where the slider starts when in Bump Bar mode.

4Estimated response time – For best user experience, orders will expire if not acted upon. Use this box here to adjust that response time. We recommend no more than 5 minutes. But depending on your situation you may need this higher.

5 – Delivery. See delivery on how to set this up. All delivery requirements will come through to Kounta.

6 – Printing – See Printing on how to set this area up

7 – Use this area to connect and have the ability to accept credit card payments. See Here on how to set this up