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Before we start, it is always best to watch our ‘Get Started Video’ Here

1 – Kounta is King. So any changes you do in Kounta, must then be synced in the WOWAPPS system. Orders will fail if there is out of date sync.

2 – While not necessary, WOWAPPS does recommend that you create two menus. One for your over the counter and the second is the one for the WOWAPPS system. To see a quick break down of this, click here

3 – Orders come into your Kounta just like they do if you were to input the orders yourself. Click this video to see the full Kount flow

4 – Once connected with Kounta, you will see you will lose some functions in WOWAPPS. This is on purpose, as those functions you lose, are available in Kounta and must be done there. Example of this is adding a product or adding an image

The below is taken from the Orders Set Up Page. We have numbered each section to highlight how this affects your Kounta setup

1 – Activate your online ordering

2 – Announcement Text – This is an area where you can put special terms and conditions and have your customer acknowledge this before starting the ordering process

3 – Estimated Times. These times are not 100% supported by Kounta and we recommend you put the dial at NA

4 – Estimated response time – For best user experience, orders will expire if not acted upon. Use this box here to adjust that response time. We recommend no more than 5 minutes. But depending on your situation you may need this higher.

5 – Delivery. See delivery on how to set this up. All delivery requirements will come through to Kounta.

6 – Printing – NA for Kounta users

7 – Use this area to connect and have the ability to accept credit card payments. Please note, users have then found it easier to create a new payment method in Kounta, to cash off payments. (If payments came in as paid)