Adding Modifiers

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This article is only for those who’re using the WOWAPPS ordering system

Modifiers are found within your products. You can change and add as many modifiers as you would like You can also make them mandatory or optional. To learn more about modifiers, please watch this video here.


Modifiers are switched on but not displaying on the front end. Check to see if the individual modifiers are also turned on. See here for more info

Ability to order alcohol but must order an item first  –  Right now, the best way to tuckle this scenario is by clicking here

Can I add multipal modifiers?  – This option is not supported but is down as a feature request. To do this, you will need to have duplicate modifiers.

How do I get rid of the ‘None’ option?  

The ‘None’ option is there, because you have made the modifier optional. Go back and find that modifier and make it ‘Required’