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WOWAPPS has partnered with The Australian Good Food Guide to provide restaurants with Australia's only Commission-free, 100% guaranteed customer acquisition and retention solution. 

How we help restaurants...

  • More Customers
    Every day thousands of diners trust the recommendations of the Good Food Guide for their dining choices allowing us to target the customers you want. Using a mix of blogs, social media, SEO, CRO (conversion rate optimisation), retargeting and brand alignment, we guarantee you results.
  • Delight Patrons
    Satisfy consumers when and where they want with restaurant reservations, table management, online ordering, tap.order.pay, gift vouchers, loyalty reward apps and guest data all in one place.
  • Total Effortless Control
    Your life made easy with simple software and flexible integration options that make in-the-moment service, personalisation and loyalty tracking a breeze. Live and local support when you need it.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
    Make the switch with peace of mind and get results or your money back, it’s that simple! Our 12-month-guarantee assures you greater revenues or 100% of your money back.



For forward thinking restaurants that want more customers spending more money, more often!

Co-exist with Covid

WOWAPPS gives your business the best chance of co-existing with the ongoing uncertainty of restrictions. Our entire suite of products gives you the flexibility to turn on and off what you need, when you need it, all the while providing your customers with a seamless, continuous experience across any device or location, with a personalised brand experience.

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Online Reservations

Reduce reliance on 3rd party platforms and get more direct reservations for less.

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Online Ordering

Get started in minutes with seamless ordering from your website, socials & Google. 

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Table Ordering

Our ordering system includes dine-in options for a contactless menu system

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Get an automated loyalty system to increase sales.

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Use our in-built system and partners to Acquire, Engage, Retain and Grow.

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E-gift Cards

Easy customised E-gift cards.

Perfect for any occasion 

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Mobile App

Increase loyalty and sales by putting your brand in your customers' hands.

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Make better decisions and take control with our powerful analytics suite.

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Do it yourself or with one of our delivery partners. Get full control of your delivery.  

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What restaurants say about us

“We chose WOWAPPS for the simple-to-use Bookings engine and the integration between online bookings and our POS system. But we never imagined that the shoutouts and push notifications would have such a huge impact for our business. We see a 25-30% increase in orders on the days we shoutout a daily special,”

Gerard Siromani

“I think the biggest factor is that it’s easy for the customers as well as us, you lose people all the time because they don’t understand how the system works and the fact it is so easy for them, definitely brings in so many new customers.”

Dannielle King

“94% of our cashflow has come through online ordering in the past few weeks. Our customers are really appreciating the ease of ordering online. Even during a pandemic we’ve been able to keep our neighbourhood nourished.”

Fiona Veikkanen

“We use WOWAPPS in a number of ways. We use it to accept bookings through our website and Instagram. We also use it as a table side ordering platform, where people will scan a QR code to open a menu on their phone and pay directly from their seat.

Fabian Folghera

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What Do We Do?

We love Australian restaurants and the magnificent people who work in hospitality! We have always been committed to connecting customers with restaurants and remain dedicated to helping restaurants of all sizes thrive. Now, together, we are growing like never before, leading the conversation in the tech and restaurant spaces, and empowering diners to find the perfect table for every occasion. It is our greatest pleasure to bring together people and restaurants in the moments that matter.

What do i get exactly?

The partnership between WOWAPPS and AGFG gives you the best of both companies – the brand influence of the Good Food Guide and the technical excellence of WOWAPPS. The Australian Good Food Guide is a 45-year-old brand, trusted throughout Australia for its sagacious recommendations and unbiased awards. Partnering restaurants enjoy promotional inclusions in targeted blogs Social Media Posts; SEO; CRO; Retargeting options and regular “website Conversion Audits”.

Est. in 2015, WOWAPPS is an all-Australian tech company, dedicated to anticipating the ever-evolving needs of both restaurants and diners. Partnering restaurants enjoy unrestricted use of the full suite of WOWAPPS tech commission-free! Online bookings, online ordering, tap.order.pay, full table management, gift vouchers, loyalty reward, guest data and analytics and apps. It’s all available to turn on and off when you need it. Results are our guarantee! Using our tech, partnered restaurants enjoy our twelve-month $100% money-back-guarantee! (find out more)


Simple - If after twelve months, we’ve cost you more than we’ve brought you, we’ll simply give you your money back. Our risk-free pledge is managed in accordance with the Guarantee policy.


Your responsibilities are detailed in your Service Agreement and includes: setting the price of your items, ensuring the quality of your items, having accurate photos and descriptions of your items, prominently displaying your booking and/or ordering widgets and complying with law including obtaining the correct approvals to provide your items (such as food or alcohol) and maintaining sufficient insurance coverage. A quick guide to key terms of the agreement is available here.

AGFG and WOWAPPS handle no payments between restaurants and customers. It is the sole responsibly of the restaurant to handle any customer complaints about food, service and/or billing.


It's WOWAPPS responsibility to maintain the efficiency and quality of its technology so that it can connect restaurants, delivery partners, and customers.
It is AGFG responsibility is to actively promote partner restaurants through its website, SEO, social media and article inclusions.

Subject to the terms of the guarantee policy, it is the collective efforts of AGFG and WOWAPPS responsibility to return revenue exceeding the direct cost of your 12-month subscription.


It is possible to start accepting bookings and orders within minutes of becoming partner restaurant! AGFG will start promoting partner within five business days. You can begin the process by signing up here. We’re excited to hear from you!