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Customised to your needs, WOWAPPS is your complete digital tool kit designed to make it easier for customers and easier for you. All of our products are commission-free and easy to set up.

• Ordering
• Bookings
• Loyalty

• Mobile Apps
• Tap | Order | Pay
• E-Gift Cards 

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Stay Informed & Let Your Data Work For You!

How would you like to increase revenue for your venue and be able to measure it down to the dollar like this?



Danni and Elixiba now also use WOWapps for online gift cards, having sold 30 in one day after launching the system the night before.
“The best result so far has been the increase in bookings because of the accessibility. It just makes it so much easier for people to log on and book, rather than having to Google restaurants near me."
“We chose WOWAPPS for the simple-to-use Bookings engine and the integration between online bookings and our POS system. But we never imagined that the shoutouts and push notifications would have such a huge impact for our business. We see a 25-30% increase in orders on the days we shoutout a daily special,” said Geard Siromani.
“This makes for contact-free ordering and also we can use their data at a later point, in terms of marketing. We’re still experimenting with using it more for delivery; but in the peak of the COVID pandemic, it was predominantly for delivery and meant we didn’t have to rely on companies such as Uber delivery.”
“I think the most amazing result is our Friday and Saturday night dinners. We really weren’t doing that well, when we were open for people to sit in,” she says. “By using the app to promote takeaway and delivery through online ordering, we noticed we would be hitting some pretty good numbers, particularly on Friday nights.


WOWAPPS is your complete digital tool kit designed to make it easier for customers and easier for you…

…The easier the better!

Operating at the intersection of technology and hospitality, our platform makes it easy and affordable for restaurants to acquire and retain more customers using:

Online Booking

Online Ordering

Table Ordering


and Loyalty apps


... All commission-free and all for a single low fixed rate!

So how does it work? 

Simple, you just pick and choose what you need when you need it. WOWAPPS is modular, so you can use individual components without disrupting the functionality of the entire system.

Start by making it easy for customers to book, or order with you. You can easily set up online bookings; online ordering; Tap.Order.Pay, or e-vouchers in minutes using step-by-step tutorial videos and have them available across your webpage, social channels and Google Business page for customers to start using right away!

With customers coming in, it’s important to know your trends and spends. Our smart analytics will tell you which customers like what, when they’re likely to spend more and what they’re worth to you.

Let's maximise retention.

This is where WOWAPPS really pulls out the punches. WOWAPPS lets you build your own custom app without a developer, or single line of code.

That’s right no code! 

A step-by-step wizard will help you create as many, or few pages as you’d like. You can create pages for products, menus, profiles… open or restrict pages to member groups, or a single individual. You can even send push notifications, direct message customers or reward loyalty! 

The best thing about having your own app is it locks your customers into your own ecosystem!

Your food may be fantastic and your service might be seamless but in today’s digital world, understanding and owning the customer ecosystem is the most important differentiator between you and your competitors!

Apps make it super easy for your customers to book, or buy from you over and over again and when the process is easier, the decision to buy from you more often becomes easier. That’s a win for your customers and a win for you!

You see, we get small business, and we get that your business relies on customers! So, let us help you get in front of your right customers, at the right time, every time!

Contact us for an obligation-free tour of the system, or check out our product pages below.

Online Booking

Online Ordering

Table Ordering


and Loyalty apps

We believe every small business should be able to connect with their customers regardless of what the world throws at them. With all of our services in the one convenient place, and all for just one low cost, you can pivot and adapt to customer needs, regardless of the environment.

Oh, and did I mention, we charge no commissions… EVER!