April 10, 2021  

Vendor own T&C's 

You can now add a direct link to any and all T&Cs you may have around the purchase of your e-Gift card. When purchasing an e-Gift card, customers can easily click on the T&Cs link and a new window will open up.

Resend emails:

Such a small feature and yet so highly requested...we are pleased to now give you the ability to edit a recipient’s email and resend gift cards.

Add a limit to e-Gift cards:

You can now add a limit to how many of one type of gift card you want to sell. Once the countdown reaches 0, the e-Gift card will still be displayed, but not be able to be purchased.

Unique e-Gift cards: (Fan Favourite)

This feature, also highly requested, is almost as exciting as my favourite option above. 

Want to make a e-Gift card for a local charity/fundraiser that is different to the normal suite of e-Gift cards you do? Now you can - straight from the List & Redeem area, you can create as many unique e-Gift cards as you want/need. 

Display Order:

Do you want to highlight one e-Gift card over another? We now give you the ability to move/change the display order of all e-Gift cards.

Using gift cards to purchase an order: (Our Favourite)

This is where things get really interesting.

You read that right, purchased e-Gift cards can now be used in the WOWAPPS online ordering system. This is your complete ‘circle of life’ right here. There is so much in this feature that you would be stuck here reading this blog for days if I just wrote it all down. Except, I am going to show you in this quick 30-second video.

Yes, before you ask me, if an e-Gift card was $50 and you only ordered $30, the balance of the gift card does update and is able to be used on future features. 

Different recipients:

I get it, most of us when buying an e-Gift card it’s for occasions like Mother’s Day, or Christmas. If you’re anything like me, you want to keep it simple and easy, so typically will buy 5 of the same product. We have thought about you (me) in this feature roll out and now give you the ability to put in multiple email addresses so the e-Gift cards can be sent straight to each individual. 

Redeem Value:

Last, but not least and sort of going hand-in-hand, is using gift cards to purchase an order. The functionality to only partly redeem an e-Gift card is now available. Again, giving you the ability to sell higher amount e-Gift cards and the user being able to use the e-Gift card over multiple visits.

That’s it, 

And as always-- we love hearing your comments, thoughts and feedback, as well as seeing how you're going to use these new features. 

In this update in particular, we would like to thank:

Kelly King from The Cater Group

Matthew Ngoensawang from TingLish

And Danni Hutto from Elixiba

For their suggestions and comments bringing these features to life…